Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 391 ~ I Am Second Challenge Day 13 of 22

This is Day 13 of my challenge... {and} my thirteenth video...

... Nate Larkin... Pastor, husband, father... sex addict.  Once concerned about ruining his reputation... he risked it all for {hard core} pornography.  It took his wife loosing respect in him to finally reach his lowest point.  {but now} Nate is second.

Nate Larkin: I am Second

Wow... it's leery to see the same message... being told over and over again.  Hmmmm?  Wthat can this mean?   What are you trying to tell me?

Funny...  my husband was just telling me earlier tonight that I needed to be a bit more flexible.  {and} I laugh... hahaha ... silly me!  Me, flexible? Seriously, now.  I look at him all weird... there's a place for everything and everything has its place.  {and} no... your shoes do not belong in the living room.  All because I was making fun of him for not putting his shoes away.

Sometimes you have to allow things to happen without getting all bent out of shape... even if it's not in "it's spot'!  Just go with the flow, says Dean.  

LOL! It's no wonder he can't find his keys half the time.  LOL!

Okay... for reals now ... (don't ask, all of a sudden I got the giggles and can't stop laughing!  {and} what's even funnier is that I am laughing all to myself!... okay...  now... I'm crying!

Seriously, now...  I'm starting to understand.  The point of truly becoming second is the point when you truly surrender yourself to God ... allowing him to take over and truly watch out for you. 

So stop being a control freak!  wink, wink.

We are Second when we put Jesus First. Seconds are bold to lift up Jesus and tell others. Are you ready to become a stronger Second?

I challenge YOU to take the I Am Second [22] Day Challenge... Can you spare maybe fifteen minutes in a day?
Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”  Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.  ~Matthew 18:21-22 (NIV)

[here's to you finding your... ]


... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Pepper said...

When it comes to surrendering to God, I am a work in progress. I'm making baby steps, I'm proud to say :). I am admittedly a control freak, but I'm gradually learning to let go of things which I cannot change.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

reminds me of a song I've found my self singing quite a lot by Twila Paris;
God Is In Control
How EZ we forget and try to "fix-it" or run the show---oh that just trouble...

Shannon Milholland said...

This is such a real struggle for so many men (and now women). I'm so thankful to real men willing to come to terms with this secret sin and allow intimacy with God to be real and the driving force in their lives.

Karen Dawkins said...

Carla and Pepper, I think we're all a work in progress when it comest to relinquishing control! Why do we think we are more capable than God who hung the stars in the sky?

Jennifer Wolfe said...

Control is something that we have to remember is not always up to us...the universe may have something wonderful in store for you!