About My Blog...

This blog...  WoW!  Where to start? 

The description I wrote to sum this all up is...
Thoughts, accounts and memories of my life... for my children, family and friends.  Maybe this will help them one day understand... why I tick the way I do.
If you would have told me that by watching the movie "Julie & Julia" that I would be motivated to making a life altering decision, I would have laughed my tushy off!  After all, it is a movie about a woman who decides to blog her way through Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking cook book in one year.

I watched the movie over and over again.  If I had a down day, I'd watch it.  If I needed motivation, I watched it.  AND THEN FINALLY!!!  After months of watching the movie and after years of thinking, talking, and Facebook-ing about writing a book, I decided instead to write a blog.   

I decided that I would take one year out of my life, YES 365 days! and I would journal each day. I will journal my thoughts, my history, and my experiences, and I would do so for my children, family and friends... to help them understand why I tick the way I do.  A little insight into a year in my life.  

The "deeper" reason for me writing this blog is, are my two sons (from my first marriage)...  Because unfortunately... my sons have spent a lot of time away from me (many years) and I want them to know who I really am... and not the person that I have been colored to be.  Why?  Well, it is not something I can sum up here... however, there are days that I will write about it, here in my blog.  

The other reason I am writing this blog, is that I hope by sharing the accounts of my  life... the trials I went through with my parents,  the tribulations the father of my sons put me through, and all the years of suffering living away from my boys...  I hope that my sharing my "story" can help another woman out there who may be going through or have gone through the same thing, all alone... well you have a friend in me.  I know what you are going through.  I know what you are going through.

If I can help another woman go through her pain, be there for her... well then it would have been worth going through all those nights alone, in fetal position, crying and missing my sons.

Soo... I invite you to read my story.  Is it important to start at DaY 1?  Well, not really.  However, it is a daily journal of my life and sometimes one day may flow into the next... writing my daily post at the end of each day.
Instead of dwelling on a bad situation, try looking for the good that will come from it. 
Blessings to all.

365 days to go.


***UPDATE***  366 days later

June 9, 2012...

SOOO... I DID IT!!  

Yes... yesterday was my 365th day in a row that I have blogged.  

However... this was a Leap Year... therefore... today is my actual one year anniversary... or rather... One year ago I set out on my journey.  

Wow!!  What an adventure!!  So many times I have shared with you that I am gaining so much from this journey.  

Reminding you again... that this was to be like a "handbook" of sorts on me for my children, family and friends; a memoir if you will... in hopes that my sharing my life would help another with their's.

I have had ups this year, as well as downs... but as I sit here and look back... this has been the best year I have given myself!  For something that was meant for others... it has turned out to be such a HUGE part of my life.

I had literally cried with you... laughed with you... ached with you... and healed with you!  ... now I would be lost without you... life just would not be the same.

Am I done?

I really don't think so!  How can I be?  My life isn't perfect by any means... but... writing this blog night after night... at first anxiously awaiting the moment I would sit with my lap top... then there were some nights that I actually forced myself to share [only because I was tired]... other nights where I actually struggled with my thoughts...

Listen, it may have taken me this long to accept life... it may have taken me nearly fifty years to really realize I am only here for a limited amount of time... surprisingly enough, it also took me all this time to understand that all along life has been up to me...

{and} Even though I was a slow learner... what matters now is that it is my choice to do something about life... to do something good about life.  

So now I welcome you to...
Took It... Making It... Living It... My Life  
the sequel to Taking Back My Life ~ Making It My Own, the first 365 days...
Keep an eye out for new changes. wink, wink.

Keeping my dream alive.
Attitude is a choice.

With grace, I wish you Peace and many blessings.

Grace, Peace and Blessings...

All accounts, thoughts and feelings are those of my own and how I have experienced them.  Through my eyes, heart and soul.  I will be very honest, even if outting myself, and I will not "sugar coat" anything. 

All contents herein are protected under Copyright laws and can not be used, altered or copied without written permission from Carla B Karam... please, just ask.  All views and feelings are true accounts of her/my life.  Some names may be changed to protect the innocent.

Just to let you all know, that from time to time I may generate income via ads and accept advertisement/ads and links on my blog.


Cynthia said...

What a great idea. I wish I was better at writing in a journal...or on a blog for that matter. Your posterity will love it. Heck, you will love it too as you've captured a moment in time. Way to go!

Carla Karam said...

Thank you so much!! I'll be very honest with you... there have been a couple of nights that I was sooo tired, yet stuck it out and posted.

This has sincerely been a learning experience which I would not trade for the world!

Thank you again!

Shauna Smith said...

What a great Idea.. I started blogging to share my life with Bipolar disorder and the journey I took to happiness... I also have added in some fun stuff all the way with reviews and giveaways which I love.. Thanks for sharing this with us.. I know what it is to want to help others with your experiences...

Best to you,


Donna said...

Kudos to you for posting every day! I've been blogging for 4 years now, and have missed days, even weeks from time to time. So I no the time commitment it is to blog every day! Awesome job!


Karen Dawkins said...

As the journey draws to a close, I pray you will find the peace and joy that Julie found. <3

Courtney Pies said...

You had such a wonderful idea deciding to blog your way through your life! I'm sure a lot of women can benefit from your trials because they've probably been through the same thing!

Love "Julie & Julia" by the way! :)


leigh said...

I loved that movie. Glad it inspired you so much. this was nice to read because I've read so many of your posts - it's good to see where you started!

claire said...

You have no idea how cool I think this is. I don't think I could write something every day, and then post it for all to read. It really is a nice blog.

Tracy Balderach said...

Your family will certainly appreciate looking back through all of your journaling. It will also be so rewarding for you to do too! What a great gift and a true legacy to those who love you. Congratulations!!!

Doug and Catherine Bender said...

I wanted to say thanks for sharing I am Second with your audience. I noticed you have referenced us in a post a while back. I work with the organization as a writer and small groups coach. I wanted to let you know that I have a book coming out December 9 called Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First. The book contains 365 daily readings and prayers meant to inspire people to consider what life might look like if Jesus were First. I am organizing a Week-of-Second Blogging Campaign for bloggers like yourself who are fans of I am Second. Please email at launch@iamsecond.com if you are interested in receiving a copy of the book and joining in the campaign.
Doug Bender