Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 10 ~ Hmmm... I Think I May Be On to Something Here (?)

There's been a couple of times that I have mentioned that I (kinda) liked - wink, wink - blogging.  I don't know, maybe I'm onto something here?

I just realized that I have not told you what I do for a living... and please bare with me because it will make sense in the end.

Where do I start?  I just finished my second school year at a small [private] Christian school in western Texas (we moved here almost four years ago - another story, another day) and am out for summer vacation...I taught computers to 1st through 8th grade students.  

I'm pretty computer savvy... ~ thanks to working under the tutelage of my father for nearly a decade at his computer stores, "The Computer Supply" (Van Nuys and Newhall, CA) which doors closed back in 1996 more or less...  I can put together a computer system, troubleshoot it (I did sales and etc there), and love to work with software.  I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Computer Consultant, and pretty darn good with Microsoft Office.  Altogether I've been dancing with computers for twenty-six years.

But that's not all!  I have remodeled homes, done interior design work, bar-tending paid for my divorce and custody law suit, I have worked at a world famous gym among personal trainers, famous body builders, fitness models, actors and athletes, and I can run anyone's office (like nobody's business!) whether an architect, engineer, hair stylist or travel agent!  I am very organized and as mentioned in earlier posts (Day 7,) I "plan" everything.  

Above all, I am very artistic- While ceramics is my thing (here's a picture of my newest piece in progress), I also love to paint and I enjoy great gourmet food and even grow my own herbs and fruits/vegetables...~ as a result, the love of cooking has grown not only within myself, but in my four and a half year old daughter as well.

One constant I have always had in my life was writing~ even though I had taken what some would call a "long hiatus" (as described in Day 2), I have always done well at writing... and writing has been good to me.  I don't know, some would even say that they have noticed a "skip" in my step, and have even caught me humming a tune or two...

In the past week I have increasingly been researching all to do with blogging.  I now have a copyright on my blog and belong to a blogger's website.  Oh, Laws - Oh yes laws, because Bret and Kevin (who I have already mentioned in earlier blogs) would be more than happy to team up (another story, another day) against me... I am NOT as naive as I once was! I can not be held libel nor can I be accused of slander (ok, I can be accused, but I will also fight for the truth,) ... when I am writing the truth.

Therefore I will take this opportunity to re-state that fact that I will only write the facts and truths in my blog.  Even if I make myself to be the idiot~ it will be the truth.

In the last couple of days I have also been playing with the formatting of my blog, learning a little bit about the designing of blogs if you will. [This is where my experience comes in.] You may have noticed a different look, background photograph (taken by ME) of one of my favorite corners ;) and even a new title.

Did I mention that I (kinda) liked blogging?   ;)

Blessings to all.  

355 days to go.

All contents herein are protected under Copyright laws and can not be used, altered or copied. All accounts herein are written by Cali-Gal/Carla B Karam and are true accounts of her life. Some names may be changed to protect the innocent.

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