Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 12 ~ Did I Make It? or Did I Mess My Goal Up?

Oh my gosh the last twenty-four hours have been weighing very heavy on me... I think I was handling Father's Day pretty good and then I discovered my blackberry missing.

After getting home from a long day of celebrating all the great dads that are in our family, I discovered that I couldn't find my phone.  I exhausted all avenues, looked high and low, dumped out my purse, called the grocery store and the pizza place... did it three times and then I had Dean look... we had nothing!  No one had seen or had turned in my phone.

Both Dean and I were calling my phone and nothing.  Then I decided to go online and check out if there had been any activity on my account... and viola!!  Two numbers I did not recognize on my account, phone calls and messages sent during the time I had been celebrating Father's Day and could not have used my phone.  I felt so violated!

I called my mobile carrier to confirm my findings, and to find out about the insurance on my phone... and I was right!  I'll have to wait to do something about the insurance on the phone, but for now I did shut it off, and reported it stolen!

Nonetheless all the unexpected CSI work took up time... next thing I knew I only had two hours to get in my Father's Day post on my blog before the day was over.  Without a second thought I immediately began on my blog... however, as I was writing I had a brilliant idea to text and call the numbers that were contacted.

Imagine this... time winding down to midnight and I received a response back from a young lady that knows who took my phone.  She began to tell me that the girl who had my phone was in her twenties and asked for her to lie to me. Let's call her Jane... Jane then told me that she was talking to me because I was being polite and she felt bad for me.

Talk about multi-tasking, I was trying to finish editing my blog and tug at Jane's heart all at the same time.  I was hoping to befriend Jane so she would get my phone back for me.  Only time will tell if it worked.

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First thing this morning I even offered to buy Jane and her friend lunch if they would return my phone "back to the scene of the crime," the pizza place.  Well the day is now more than half over and I have not given up hope.

Now as to my blog last night... not only was it a heavy subject matter, [Father's Day], and at the same time dealing with getting my phone back, but then when I finally hit PUBLISH POST the time had changed to midnight.  So did I make my post in time??? It officially posted Monday at 0:00 ...

My goal is to blog everyday for 365 days, did I totally mess it up last night by not getting it in by 11:59pm?  Well for as much as I feel as I may have failed... the perfectionist in me...  I am not going to give up that easy! ... the fighter in me!!

Blessings to all.

353 days to go!

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