Thursday, June 9, 2011

Here goes... Day 1

I never thought that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and I would have something in common.  Seems we both have, for whatever reasons, hit a rut in our perspective lives.  

Lord knows that we have led different lives, that's for sure, but from what little I have seen of her interviews, what does make us alike is the unhappiness we feel.  

However, as mentioned in my Facebook status earlier tonight, the one difference we definitely have is that she has Oprah, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman and as my wonderful friend reminded me, she also has Dr. Phil to help her.  

I, on the other hand have Facebook.  As soon as I posted this to my status I was quickly reminded by my beautiful friends that I was ahead of the game having them (and FB). 

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Which now brings me here.  Finally after years of talking and Facebook-ing about writing a book I have decided instead to write a blog.   

I am committing to myself to write about my life's trials and tribulations, as well as all the good times for at least the next 365 days ("Julie and Julia" is my inspiration).  

Okay, so Julie wrote about her trials cooking through Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking... just a little different... 

But like Julie, I will be blogging for one year, 365 days, everyday.  Yes everyday.

I am going to do this for the following reasons:  1) Self-Therapy/Closure; 2) I am hoping that by writing my thoughts, feelings and my life experiences, my family, friends, and most importantly my children will one day understand why it is that I tick the way I do; and 3) I hope that by sharing my experiences to one day help another woman/mother, let her know she is not alone, and maybe just maybe, she will not have to endure the pain I have.

Blessings to all.

364 days to go.

I also want to add that all accounts, thoughts, feelings are those of my own how I have experienced them.  I will be honest and will not "sugar coat" anything.

All contents herein are protected under Copyright laws and can not be used, altered or copied without written permission from Carla B Karam- please just ask.  All views and feelings are true accounts of her life. Some names may be changed to protect the innocent.


Julieta said...

I'm glad you're doing this for yourself :) Love you :)

Cali_gal said...

Thank you Juli. Love you back! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you decided to write about things. I think it is very therapeutic to write and express your feelings...almost like it helps you decide exactly how it is you do feel.

Did you make it? Were you able to write daily for a year (so far)? Has it helped? I don't know where I'd be without my blog.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Visiting from members to remember :)

Val Curtis said...

You brought us back to the beginning. I have been enjoying reading about your adventure of self-discovery through this medium. Keep it up and know that we are all rooting for you!!

insomnia said...

I think you'v done a good job of this. Being honest and not sugar coating:)

Pam List said...

It is good that you are doing this, and of course I had to read the current post to see how many days have gone by because I am terrible at math.


Army of Moms said...

AWESOME. THis is very brave of you to do. I am looking forward to watching your transformation over the next 365 days.

Kristina said...

I know it often helps me to get things out in words (not just in a blog:)... and sometimes it even makes me feel better when I look back and see how far I've come too. I hope you've found writing here to be self-therapeutic - it's certainly a very brave thing to do:)
Thanks for sharing your journey,

Carla Karam said...

Thank you all so much!! I am now on Day 267, actually tonight I will write Day 268. Next to marrying my husband and having my children, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. This has truly been an amazing journey. My writing has lightened up in the past few months, compared to the darkness of my pain in the beginning. Being brutally honest with myself has been ... well let's just say I am not carrying around so much on my shoulders! I feel so much lighter!! I thank my guide and my savior, for giving me the strength to do this and taking this journey with me!! Thank you Jesus!!

Trish said...

I respect bloggers so much when they don't try to gloss over problems. When we pretend life is perfect, not only do we hurt ourselves, but those around us who are getting a false impression of what real life is. Kudos to you for putting the real stuff out there.

Claire Hennessy said...

Aha - now I understand the countdown. Wow, well done. What a great thing to commit to and hope it helps you and others who read it.