Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 13 ~ YES!!! I Had to Go There!!

The last couple of days have been a blur!  I have been totally consumed with getting my phone back.  Especially since I figured out who it was that found my phone... and she refuses to give it back!   Really?   I mean.. REALLY??!!!

I took a chance this morning and sent a text to my new found friend to see if she had any luck convincing her friend to return my phone.  

(If you are reading my blog for the first time or you didn't tune in yesterday... I suggest you read Day 12 first so you know what the heck is going on.)

Bottom line I told Jane, who by the way has a heart of gold and should not be judged by her friend's actions, that the offer was still on the table.  I just wanted my phone back; its of no use to this girl, especially since its been reported stolen.  But to no avail her friend wants to keep my phone!!

Honestly, I even tried pulling at their heart strings.  Telling them that Calley's medical history and all her doctor's information is on that phone.  I also even told her about all of my family pictures on it.  Which is all true.  Nothing!  If you want to see a full transcript of the texts, click here.

Needless to say, I shared this with my friends on Facebook.  I needed ideas.  I wanted to teach this girl a lesson.  I needed help, and I needed to vent to my friends.  

Well my friends, between posting on Facebook [and receiving wonderful support and ideas from my friends,] and texting Jane the right questions, I took a chance and I found out who the girl was that took my phone.  Name, picture, city she lives in, and a list of over a hundred friends, and I found it all out on Facebook!! 

However... the more I was being told that my phone was NOT going to be returned... the more I became Blackberry obsessive... the more the wheels were turning.  Then I called to make an insurance claim to replace my phone, and I find out that the deductible to replace my bb was $100!!   

OK... THAT'S IT!!!  I had been nice long enough!  I told my Jane to let her friend know that she had just under three hours to return my phone to the "scene of the crime" or I was going to go VIRAL myself!  Well not in those exact words, but you get the picture.  :)

SOOOooo... 1:00pm came... and...

First, I filled out a police report online.  I really doubt they will do anything, even with a name and confession.  But I did it anyway, and will receive a police report number within seventy-two hours.  We'll see...

Then, I wrote a message, a plea if you will.  Check it out here.  I sent it to all of her friends on Facebook, well at least the ones that didn't look like "trouble" ~ if you get my drift. ;) 

I did get one response from a cousin.  She told me that they didn't talk, and with that, she also said that her cousin would not return the phone.  Then added that she needs to take responsibility for her actions, and that she was sorry.

Finally, I called the local news channel.  I know, I know!  AS IF!  lol!!  No, but really I did.  

You know it's not so much the phone, what am I saying, it is too!!  BUT more so, IT'S THE PRINCIPLE!!  This young lady who is the same age as my eldest son, 23, and who is a STRIPPER, (AND YES I HAD TO GO THERE!!!) needs to learn a lesson in human decency! among other things!!!  She must not really like herself to be so mean, and really needs a little faith in her life.

courtesy of Bing images
So to my wonderful friend who always knows exactly what I need to hear... is this pillory enough?   [Not to insult anyone because I had to look the word up myself - how's that for honesty?]   Definition of PILLORY. 1: a device formerly used for publicly punishing offenders consisting of a wooden frame with holes in which the head and hands can be locked.

Now the other side of the coin...

In my gut I have this feeling that I should just leave this to God, and maybe I should.  However, is stealing or not being honest alright with God?  I know the answer to that... it was just a rhetorical question...

Nonetheless, NoNE of this is okay!!  Not the $100 deduction, not my phone NOT being returned... the fact that out of nearly one hundred people that I have contacted because of this girl ONLY TWO PEOPLE have replied to me and have come across with having some respect, values and integrity.

Can I NOW say that she has STOLEN my phone?  What do they say about a woman scorned?  (Another rhetorical question- haha, attempt at humor)  FORGET THAT!!   How about a woman that has had her Blackberry stolen!!!

Blessings to all!!

352 Days to go.

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