Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 16 ~ What Would YOU Do?

What a week!  It has been emotionally exhausting!!  It's HARD work standing up for a cause, or rather fighting for justice and "MY" blackberry.

by CBK
The show "What Would You Do?" on ABC hosted by reporter John Quiñonez, just scratches the surface on whether people do the right thing or not.  More times than not people choose not to help others, basically because they do not want to get involved.  

You often find people who do think or care about what may happen to them if they get involved in helping a stranger.  I find it very sad quite frankly, I really do.

I have had first hand experience with this, this week.  I have been very grateful for the help given me this week in trying to get Merit Velasco, of Sunland Park, New Mexico, to give me back my phone.  However, I was sad when one person did help me, and when I happen to mention their name when defending her sister for helping me, (I did not mention if she helped me or not) she had wished I had not mentioned her name... I was proud to know these two women who stood up for what was right, even if it meant outing a longstanding friend of the family.

I was even more amazed to see that only seven out of forty-nine people responded to my pleads and gave me some type of help.  SO sad.

I will not give up hope on my phone, even if I do not get it back, this has been an experience of a lifetime.  I will not stop fighting for justice or turning Merit Velasco's name to MUD!!  She had her chance.. I even gave her one last opportunity today and NOTHING!!  So I march on.... I warned her!!

I am not trying to be CRAZY about this... but think, if I give up my fight and forget this happened. The result will be that Merit Velasco and her sister Marylou Velasco will come to the conclusion that they can do anything, steal anything and lie about anything WITHOUT consequence.. Well thanks to me they are going to learn a valuable lesson and hopefully they will think twice about doing this to another person again.

To the people who did nothing about their family member/friend and did not want to get involved....... SHAME ON YOU!!!! and I hope that one day Merit does not steal from YOU!!

Well this has really been a lesson to learn, but regardless if I see an injustice occur and I can help.... guess what... I WILL HELP!  There are too many people in this world that do not care... and I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!!

What would you have done? Would you help a stranger and out a friend or family member?

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”   ~  Maria Robinson

Blessings to all...

349 days to go!

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Gloria Rivera said...

I think that more than helping a stranger, it is more having morals and values. Knowing that this person stole your phone and not saying something about it is the same thing as helping her steal it.
I would have totally told this Velasco girl: WTF! RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY! if she stole it from a stranger or not.
Stealing, under any circumstance, is BAD. People who let it happen or are just quietly watching the whole thing are equally guilty.
So, to answer your question, I would have helped the stranger. :)
I hope you get your phone back pretty soon.

Carla said...

Oh primita... I could not agree with you more!!! Except the "twit" will not and has not given it back and she took it on Father's day.

But it makes me happy to know that you are no different than me... must be in the genes!!! :)