Thursday, June 16, 2011

8th Day ~ I WILL Change Things!!

I don't know why I didn't think of writing this blog sooner!  By the time I finished writing my post last night and I had put all my "issues" regarding school in a balloon and let it go, I was feeling really calm.  It was a peaceful, easy feeling... relief... like the saying weight off your shoulders.  

Actually, I felt great! ~ after all I had just finished writing a blog for seven days straight.  I will attest that my writing is a great outlet!  It's "cleaning house" of my issues.  It's been great [self]-therapy so far!  

I start my day with prayer each day and I also make it a point to always ask God to watch over my sons.  To guide them and keep them out of harm's way, and to never let them forget how much their mother loves them.  

It wasn't bad enough that I had been restricted from being a part of my son's daily routine for over fifteen years, now they won't even talk to me.  My eldest (23), hasn't spoken to me for nearly two years.  Correction, he text me once stating I love you mom, but I am not ready to talk, and that was what seems an eternity ago.

The youngest (20) of my two sons, who stopped talking to me a year and a half ago, called me Mother's Day weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday.  We talked for the longest time we have ever talked.  We were going to put everything in the past and move forward.  He had asked me for forgiveness and all I could tell him was how much I missed and loved him.

I barely have spoken to him twice since and that was me calling him just for him to tell me he was going to call me back.  He has blocked my phone numbers.  I even text him using my Google number to get through... and nothing.  
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How do I put this in a balloon?

Regardless of how I may really feel, I need to remind myself that I want to be happy and for that I must make changes.  

Thank you God for the opportunity you give me each day to do something great.  

Blessings to all.

357 days to go.

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