Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 111 ~ Was it "Dallas" or "All My Children" Ending?

I finally watched the final three episodes of All My Children* [late last night when I couldn't sleep and this morning when I couldn't get up.]   (LOL) hahaha  There I go thinking I am funny again!  (I have no clue as to why I think that is funny.)

Okay... my mouth still hasn't closed.

You are kidding me... right?!

Couldn't the writers be a little less predictable?  Did they have to take the infamous "Who killed JR Ewing approach?" by ending it the way the did, with the gunshot?   I mean... really!

Can you tell that I am a little disappointed in the ending.  How can the writers expect us, the viewer, long standing and new, to accept that ending... including not knowing who the other person David saved is.  

Who could it possibly be?  Now... what we do know is that it is a she, and she was wearing a bracelet with the letter "B" dangling off of it.  Do you think it could be Babe?  

Talk about a never-ending cliffhanger!!

Actually, it will only be a three month cliffhanger.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, All My Children and One Life to Live will start on the new up and coming The Online Network in January of 2012... 
All My Children won't be back until then and will do so without Susan Lucci [as it stands at this moment.]

I do want to finally say that I really did enjoy the way Jackson took the "Gone with the Wind" approach and told Erica he did not give a damn, as Rex once upon a time did to Scarlet.  

As much as I love Erica in all her glory, it is nice to finally see someone tell her that the world does not revolve around her!  Not to mention the way she ran after him begging... wow...  oh and then the finale... WOW!!  

So was she or wasn't?  Or was it Adam?   Marissa or Bianca... Brooke? ... so many more possibilities... but more importantly... I want to know ...

who was shot?!

Opal: [As they entered the Chandler's Homecoming party and see Jackson talking to Krystal] O.. Oh... Now, don't blow a gasket. 
Erica: Oh, Krystal, please.  I'm Erica Kane.

[O]ur lives are like soap operas. We can go for months and not tune into them, then six months later we look in and the same stuff is going on.

- Jane Wagner

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.   Philippians 4:13   (NKJV) 

Blessings to all!!

254 days to go...

*For those of you that do not know, All My Children is as american as apple pies and baseball, and was (sad face) a long running soap opera on our ABC television network that started in 1970 and ended last Friday.

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