Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 525 ~ The Blessed Spoon Update

Well... finger is still throbbing making it very difficult to type, so I am going to keep this brief.

I do want to give you a quick update on The Blessed Spoon's Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Dinner Basket campaign..

With Thanksgiving a week away, I am getting ready {- along with many Blessed Spoon volunteers..} to deliver to ten unsuspecting families the ingredients to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner this Monday... YES THIS MONDAY!!

The Blessed Spoon's very own... first annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

What's Happening five days before the BIG Day?!?
Artists are busy painting spoons (see link above for more information). . . more donations are starting to come in!! . . . I have received donations from local grocery stores . . . people are signing up to volunteer . . . referral of families are piling up- we will pick ten families out of a hat who will receive the dinner, the remainder will be saved  for the December campaign. ... Turkeys have been donated by local Bronze Sculptor Julio Sanchez De Alba from Bolivia. . .  

We are so close to reaching our goal . . .

I am so excited.

Will do a follow up post on this event and keep you posted on progress... 
Oh my gosh!  I can't wait to post pictures of the spoons... I've peeked in on a few of them...  All I can tell you is that they are going to be colorful!! and original!!

For those that don't know what is going on. . .check it out on on the About us page.  If you would like to donate $1 please click on picture above which will direct you to our donation's page.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful giving people of their time by volunteering for this wonderful event!!!!!

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