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Day 540 ~ Friendships & Integrity

This can be a subject that can take you through thick or thin . . .  better or worse . . .  in sickness or in health . . . 'bad hair' days . . . 'best news in the world' days . . . 'best day in my life' days . . . 'heart ache' days . . . 'break-up' days . . . 'love at first sight' days . . .  as well as all the 'you can count on me' days . . . and 'I need a friend' days.
Almost sounds like 'vows,' doesn't it?
Friendships can be like marriages . . . just as complicated and just as rewarding.
more on this tomorrow . . .   
Yesterday's post ended just like that.

Some people feel that 'good' friendships just happen . . .  without effort . . . picking up where you always leave off.  I have a couple of friends where months can go by, even years at times, and when we speak next. . .  well . . . needless to say it was as if we had not skipped a beat!  Love my girls!

Then there are friendships that. . . well . . . you wonder . . . what the . . . where did . . . huh?!

I met a gal a handful of years ago, in passing.  Next thing I knew she was around every corner.  She would claim things about me where I would say "what the . . . where did . . . huh?! . . . "  I guess you could say that she made herself my best friend.

Weeks and months went by, with apprehension and hesitation on my part, well . . . I did not turn my back on her, I was there for her.  I figured she needed a friend.  After all she was in a bad place in her life.

After a bit more time went by I felt her dominance, even putting words in my mouth that were no where near the words that needed to come out of my mouth.  She would say one thing, and then leave me hanging with her actions . . . time and time again.  She would say how important I was to her, yet would think of me last or leave me out all together.

Well to make a long story short this person that called herself "my {Christian} sister for life" did a very ugly thing.  She even came across thinking that she was better than me, talking down to me.  {and} . . . 

For the first time in my life I did not let this person know what I really thought.  Funny.  Yes I am chuckling.  Because most of my life when push came to shove I have never held back from letting anyone know what I really thought.  SO, yeah, it's funny.

Bottom line . . . I did not allow myself to go down to her level.

But, an even more BOTTOM LINE than that . . . she truly hurt my feelings.  Everything she had ever told me . . . [bottom line] were all lies.

Regardless of how a person may initially feel about another person . . . how they treat you when they are friends with you and when they are [I guess] angry with you . . .  well it all leaves an impression, a mark.  Which can hurt.

What hurts even worse is that I had given this person my word that I would help her . . . that I would look out for her . . . even including her in my 'master plan' whole heartedly.  I was going to watch out for her and her needs.

I said that "friendships are like marriages". . . "just as complicated ... and rewarding."

When a friendship has found its "end" . . .  it hurts.  You have shared with this person. . . opened up to this person and shared personal thoughts . . . and regardless of initial feelings you called this person a friend and grew to count on her.  No different than sharing with a spouse and counting on them to always be there.

Marriages and friendships alike can be very rewarding . . . painful . . . fun . . . humbling . . . loving . . . eventful . . . and so much more.

Above all, the most important thing to remember in a relationship is to treat others how you would want to be treated.  If we always can remember this golden rule . . . we should always feel loved and be happy. . . regardless of its journey or destination.

It all comes down to integrity.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.  ~Luke 6:31

I am thankful for my wonderful friends!!

What's coming up?   Hmmm.... 

I think I see another challenge off in the near distance. . . 
December 9th - 15th

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