Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 178 ~ Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo

Okay this is really eerie...

This afternoon I am having lunch with Calley and out of the blue she starts this conversation with me...
Calley...  "Mommy, are my babies in heaven?"
 Me...  I hesitate for a split second, "Yes."
 Calley...  "I am going to have three babies.  A girl, a boy and a girl.
Me...  "Really?"
 Calley...  "I want to have them in my tummy all at the same time too.  Mommy, how do I have three babies at one time?"
Me...  I thought to myself... Oh my gosh... where is this coming from? I then found myself scrambling to answer the question in such a way we could quickly move on to something else without her noticing,  "Well honey, it will highly be doubtful that you will be able to do that being that multiple births are not common in our family."
Calley...  quickly interrupting me on to ask, "Why?"
 Me...  "Well honey, this is a very complicated subject for you to understand right now, but in a few years you can ask me again and we'll see how I can explain it to you so that you can understand.  But... what do you have to do before you can have babies?"
Calley...  "I have to go to college and get smart.  Then I will meet a good man like daddy and then do I do eenie, meenie, minie, mo?"  
Me...  "Calley, you crack me up.  NOooo...  You have to get to know him for a while.  You ask questions and get to know him to make sure you really like him.
Calley...  "That's right!  Okay mommy."  She shouted, as she ran off to play. 
That conversation was nearly painless!

First off... My heart started beating twice as fast as I scrambled to answer her, and so then I just opened my mouth and the words finally flowed out.  I hope I am always this lucky with my responses.  I hope Calley will always react so innocently and sweetly after getting my responses to those difficult questions in the future.   

Secondly, I'm sure you are all wondering where in the world Calley got the "heaven" reference from.  Well...  When Calley and I are looking through old pictures of Dean and I (those before Calley was born,) she once asked why she wasn't in the pictures with us and where she was.  At first I thought it would be as simple as just replying. "Well sweetheart, you weren't born yet."

Calley would argue with me, while I would struggle to explain to her that she simply was not born yet.  Then finally, it was like the water parted!  (just kidding, although it felt that way.)  I told her that she was with Jesus in heaven, waiting for daddy and I to be ready for her arrival.  

Her face all of a sudden was taken over with relief, and she said "Oh! I was with Jesus!"  She said it with such acceptance and understanding... as if all of a sudden everything was right with her world.  Then she ran off to play.

Once our conversation was over, I just sat there bewildered.  I was left in awe.  After all, she does not use the internet and does not read my blog!  

I told you it was eerie!

It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it. ~ Amelia Barr

Blessings to all!!

187 days to go...

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Suzy said...

The innocence of children. Nicely answered Carla.