Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 198 ~ Enjoying My Snow Day

What a day! ... Just finished wrapping a ton of gifts.  Do not ask me how I ended up with a ton of them, because it wasn't like I did a bunch of shopping.  Okay, and money does come into play as well- not like we had a ton of it laying around either.  

Doesn't matter how you look at it, I feel blessed that we even have some gifts under our tree.

Then there's tomorrow... I just finished my plan on what I need to get done tomorrow... and it is not pretty!  

I have the line up of all the cookies Calley and I will be making tomorrow.  Comes out to be around fourteen dozen.  Yes I said fourteen!  But, I am only making about six or so different kinds... my famous oatmeal/raisin/pecan cookies, my signature cinnamon roll cookies (I will not be sharing this recipe, just sayin'), turtle cookie bars, and fudge.  I know fudge is not a cookie, however I am making it.  A Christmas time must.  I know there's one or two more, but I do not want to get up to get my to do list.

Why am I making so many?  Well, it's the ultimate gift this time of year.  Right up my alley.  Which means, that I will enjoy baking and cooking with Calley most the day; giving treats is easy on the pocket; and it spreads love and joy.  What a great way to give and spread cheer!  

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned what I am dreading to do on my list and have tried my best all week to avoid... going to the store tomorrow!  Y-I-K-E-S!!!  I discovered that I need just a few more stocking stuffers.. just a bit shy.  Darn Christmas stockings!  (don't want the stockings to be all skinny!)  Oh and I need just a tad more butter and sugar for the baking.

AY! That's not the half of it... We woke up to snow this morning, which does not happen every year in western Texas, let alone at Christmas time.  So Lord knows what the roads will be like in the morning.  Ideally, I would love to be at Target right when the doors open, and then hit Sam's on the way back home, stopping only for dog food.

Question of the hour... What will the weather bring us tonight?  How will it affect my morning?  (I know that was two questions, not like I'm in the 9 items or less line)  Goal is to be back home by 9am... What do you think?  Whatever way it goes, I will have fun and be safe.  After all it is Christmas Eve tomorrow, which only brings more festivities in the Karam family.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.    - Burton Hillis

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me,
...   ten years of music
...   nine cousins playing
...   eight years of lovin' 
...   seven days of singing
...   six months of blogging
...   five rooms plus more
...   four loving dogs
...   three cook books
...   two ceiling fans 
...   our little girl, we call Calley

Blessings to all!!

167 days to go...

PS... I love and miss you boys.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshines.

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