Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 186 ~ It Will Happen!

Calley my li'l helper,
lways on my left 
I feel very blessed that I have Dean and Calley in my life.  I feel blessed that each day gives me the opportunity to show them how much I love them.  Sure I tell them as often as I can that I love them... but what better way to tell your family that you love them than by cleaning their home, doing their laundry, making cookies, and preparing their meals.

I'd say they mean the world to me!  Especially, when I can eventually sit back and admire the fruits of my labor.  (wink, wink)

For as much as I am trying to hold back, I am starting to get excited because I will be having house-guest come stay for the holidays, and then some.  It's not that I do not want to tell you who it is... it is just that I am afraid that if I do tell you, it may not happen.

I know this sounds so weird.  Unfortunately, when it comes to things in my life that I really want to happen and... whether (insert sarcastic tone now) "I put it out there" or not something seems to happen... something spoils it.  After all my "house-guest" has been promising to visit for some time now, and if it wasn't for one thing, it was another, why the visit has not yet happen!  HOWEVER...  Things seem to happen for a reason.  (wink, wink)

The last six months of my life... my life seems to have started to turn around for me.  Either that, or I am just looking at it in a more positive light.  So with that in mind... I am going to allow myself to get a little excited... still holding back the name of my "house guest" as a surprise for all.  A surprise for myself included, because then i can blog about it! ...and it will get interesting!   (wink, wink- hopefully I have not "winked" at you to death!  LOL!

courtesy of Bing images
So keeping the last paragraph in mind... in preparation for the possibility of a "future" house-guest... I have been working on my home for the last couple of months- painting, replacing light fixtures, completing small unfinished projects and what not... and in the past week, I have really started cleaning my home from top to bottom, and now with the last minute chores to do and the finishing touches to put in place in the next thirty-eight hours... I am hoping that everything will be just right for my special "house guest."  Keeping in mind that if something does not go the way "I planned it"... it will be okay!   (I am trying to deal with control issues, lol!)

Be careful what you "will" for.  I hope I do not regret this ever.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.  ~W.T. Ellis 

Blessings to all!!

179 days to go...

PS... I love and miss you boys.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshines.

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Debbie said...

First time visiting your blog and I have to say, I'm intrigued over this "house guest".
Congrats on being featured on VB.!

Laura said...

That must be a special house guest. My girls tell me "don't jinx it".

Stopping by from VoiceBoks! Congrats on Featured Member

LisaWeidknecht said...

Congratulations on being a vB feature member this week! Sounds like you've got great kids.

Cocoons 2 Butterflies said...

I hope your miracle visitor is able to come to your home. I too don't like to say things I want to happen because when I do it gets jinxed in some way so I keep secret as much as I can in many things in my life. Recently I have been feeling very lonely and wanting to share some issues I am dealing with yet at the same time I feel scared to share them in my Blog because I don't want my family to know about it, so I don't I just journal away in the privacy of my phone. I was wondering what other Bloggers felt about writing about personal topics? Do you share every detail? Or what do you do when there's a topic that's gnawing at your insides and don't have a way to let it out?
On another note, I was really touched by the title on your Blog, because it is very personal and it touches my heart. I really look forward to reading more.
Sending you many blessings your way.