Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 176 ~ Continuing to Discover...

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Very exciting day today.  Today is the first day of my long, healthy, happy life.  Today if the first day of my new blog... My LifeStyle Re-Design!

After months of anticipation, on my part, I did it.  I am doing it.  I started a second, actually third, blog.

This is not just about dieting... it is about that and much more.  We all know we can not just diet and expect weight to come off.  We also have to exercise.  Not only that, but when you finish dieting, what happens?  The weight generally creeps back on.

I am not exempt from this happening... as soon as you reach your goal, you get happy... and slowly but surely, you go back to your old weighs.  (wink, wink)

Well this will be interesting, especially knowing that I will be continuing this blog for another one hundred eighty-nine days.  I do hope to keep them both interesting, informative and FUN!

I do know one thing for sure... writing this blog has been very rewarding.  As blogged many times before, I love blogging.  I have discovered a new me and am loving it!  

"Whether serving in your hometown or on the other side of the world, use your talents and energy to make a better world.  Whenever life leads you, pursue the path of service and you will find fulfillment beyond measure."  ~ Laura Bush 

Blessings to all!!

189 days to go...

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Suzy said...

Good Luck Carla. You go girl :)