Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 184 ~ The Results of Bad Time Management

Phew!  The only word that comes to mind to describe my day.  The only time I sat down today, was to eat lunch, do crafts with Calley and to paint.

Yes, Elisabeth I am working on a new art piece.  As a side note, my little lady I was working on, well let's just say that Calley thought I needed some help one day.  (sad face)  That was a bad day, yet we survived it.  In the scheme of things, I realized that it was not a big deal, after all I can moisten and reuse the clay.  (big smile)  And she was coming out pretty cool too, as you can see her here.

As part of our 'crafts' that I had planned for Calley and I was to make a Christmas wreathe, being that the wreath we had been using was ten years old and had seen its share of Christmases.  (so sad because I really liked it; it was made entirely of red ornaments)

This project was really simple for what it was, although as Calley helped and saw it come together, she was truly impressed.  She was especially impressed when I threw the bow together.  All she would say was, "ooo... oh wait... ooo... wait...oooooo mommmy."  She was really cute with all the sound effects.  It really wasn't a big deal, but to her I was the coolest mom in the world!  Which of course, I thought was pretty neat.  (BIG SMILE)

Taking care of Calley is special in itself.  We may have our rough moments, but we always manage to get through it.  But then, I always keep in mind that the good times always out weigh the bad.  It's funny, regardless of the situation, I can always count on Calley to be very caring, helpful and with a little touch of drama.  I see acting and possibly the debate team in her future.

As I mentioned, today was a whirlwind of sorts.  As a matter of fact, after having my morning tea I checked my emails, blogs, stats, and comments, not necessarily in that order, but anyways... I got so wrapped up in some new games, that when I finally got to the point that I felt I could take a break and do other things with Calley... IT WAS ONE O'CLOCK!!   OH EM GEE!!!  I could not believe how long it took me to do my morning routine.  It took me almost three hours longer than normal!

I have come to the conclusion that I have to do something about time management, that is for sure.  Five hours at the computer, and not realize it... well... I think I need to start using my timer!  LOL!!

All that I experience empowers me to grow more as a positive person.    ~  Carla Barila Karam
Blessings to all!!

181 days to go...

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