Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 189 ~ Family, My Everything

It's amazing how a person's world they are born into, affects their being.    

I can say that I have always been the one to go against the grain for a cause, for the "right" thing.  I have always been a rebel of sorts.  Always sticking to my guns. [The more you push, the more I will dig my heels in.]  wink, wink  A believer that there is something to be said for family loyalty.  With honesty right there next to it.

I am a person who was taught to be honest, considerate and courteous.  I am also the person that stood up for the underdog.  I don't know why I always go for the little guy, but I do.  

Furthermore, I am also the person that in a few years when I am in a better position, I would love to buy a house with a couple of extra bedrooms, just to be able to foster a couple of children in need of a home, comfortably... and who knows? possibly adopting them.  I'd love for Calley to have siblings.

I figured that just because I can not have any more children myself, that does not mean that I/we could not help some in need.   All children deserve to have a home, a family and most of all love.

Not too long ago my father-in-law shared with me how his mother, and her siblings, were abused by their parents...  Grandma Betty's mother and father would sit down at the dinner table to eat their meals, and would have their children wait whilst they ate... then afterwards, they would feed Grandma Betty and her six siblings their table scraps!  

I tell you that God has a funny way of handling life, because shortly thereafter...  Grandma Betty's parents passed away.  They were involved in some sort of accident.  Then Grandma and one of her sisters were sent to be raised by an aunt, being separated separated from her other siblings.

So ... the other day I was driving to the store, on the radio played some beautiful Christmas music, Calley and I enjoying one another's company talking, laughing and singing.  After parking the car in what seemed to be a parking spot set aside especially for us, I took a moment and experienced an epiphany.

All this time grieving the family I never had, the trials and tribulations bestowed upon me and the unfortunate experiences I have had to learn one of life's lessons from.  Then a flash of memories came before me.  

I married into this wonderful family more than eight years ago.  I knew that they were pretty special when I met them...  aaahhh... Karam family memories...  From Christmas Eve family concerts, game nights, annual cousin Christmas get-togethers, Sunday family brunches, Easter Sunday egg hunts, Memorial Day and 4th of July bar-be-ques, Thanksgiving football games to family political debates (I stay away from this discussion)... then I came to the realization... except for a couple of blurps I am trying to work through... I am blessed with a wonderful family!  I have my family I always wanted!  

Loyalty is what Christ asked of his disciples.  Loyalty is what we have to show to each member of our family if our family is to become a more Christlike family.    ~ Mario Puzo

A family in harmony will prosper in everything.    ~  Chinese proverb

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
...   our little girl we call Calley 

Blessings to all!!

176 days / 25 weeks to go...

PS... I love and miss you boys.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshines.

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Thomasina said...

That was really nice. Im sad by it only because the family I always wanted isn't my a tad bit twisted and dark family I have. This Christmas my big sister gave to me... a threat of a lawsuit! I being a christian and her not returned the pain with a withdrawl of my beautiful family from her life.(bad sister on my part but I need to step back) This is truly going to hurt me this year not having her in my home. But she needs to stop bullying me and get herself together.