Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 183 ~ The Innocence Of A Little Sister's Love

Looks like from here on out that my days are numbered (with this blog.)  Today is the second part of my half-way point... being that today I am on day 183, and I have 182 to go (yesterday it was day 182 and 183 to go.)  Unless it is leap year, my half-way point won't be equal.  I know that just sounded so elementary, and why I wrote that last line I have no clue!  LOL! and why I am even leaving it in, is more of a wonder.    Oh brother, I crack myself up!   Such a goof-ball!!  ... BTW ... my blog reached 8,000 views today!  WOWser! In awe here.

Love this picture of Goofy
courtesy of Disney clipart
Being a goof-ball... even saying that reminds me of when my boys were six and three we thought it would be funny if we (I) got a personalized license plate frame for my car that said... "Addison & Logan's Goofy Mom".

Now that my boys are more or less men, I wonder how embarrassing that was for them when I still had that license plate frame on my car when they were fourteen and eleven.  Sorry boys.  I never meant to embarrass you.  It's just that I was, and am so proud to be your mom... regardless of the way things have been and are at the present time.

Going down my own memory lane, I so lovingly remember the Christmases I had with my boys.  The movie marathons we would have (from the "Back to The Future" series, to the countless "Teenage Ninja Turtle" shows) ... the cookies we would make and leave for Santa; and all the singing and decorating we would do.

I hope to continue making Christmas memories with Calley, as I did with them.  I only wish for Calley, that she would be able to one day enjoy her brothers too.  

Today Calley shared with me what she wanted to get me... 
Calley...   "Mommy... you know what?"
Me...   "No, my nuggies, what?"   (one of her many nicknames Dean and I have for her)
Calley...   "I want to buy you a BIG house with three floors.
Me...   "A three story house?!"
Calley...   "Yes!  You, me and Daddy will live on the first floor, and Addison will have the second floor and Logan can live on the third floor.  That way we can be a happy BIG family." 
Oh my GOSH!! This absolutely brought tears to my eyes!  The love that Calley has for her brothers is just amazing.  She has only seen Addison twice and Logan once in person.  However, the love she feels for them is as if she is with them everyday.  Which, unfortunately, truth be told, she does not.

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The day that I can have all my children together, will be a day I will treasure forever!  Until then I will continue to tell Calley stories of her brothers growing up.  

If she is not talking about them constantly, she will want what they like.  She does not just ask for carrots and ranch dressing, she asks for Logan's favorite salad when he was a little boy.  She does not just ask for (pickled) ginger, she asks for Addison's favorite eat-the-entire-jar-in-a-single-sitting vegetable (root).  When she get's in trouble, I will ask her why she did something and she will reply because she misses her brothers.  (She knows how to work it!)  She even asks me to sing to her the sunshine song I used to sing to her brothers when they were little.  Everything is about her brothers!

I hope that one day Addison and Logan will get to know the amazing little sister that they have.  They are truly missing out on the joyous moments she has to give them.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away
~ Words and Music by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell 1940
Blessings to all!!

182 days to go...

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Rebecca Hawkes said...

Sibling love is really amazing. My most recent post on my blog was about my daughter (who is adopted) missing the siblings that she doesn't get to see. I wish I could change that for her, but the situation is not in my control. We do work hard to keep her connected to one of her biological siblings, her youngest brother, and they have an amazing bond.

I also grew up apart from a biological sibling. I didn't meet my brother until he was 15 and I was 30. Like your daughter, he grew up knowing about me, though there were no stories to tell because I was separated from my biological mother at birth. Still, the fact that he had always know about me made it easy for us to step into each other's lives when the we got the chance. We have remained in touch through the years, and this summer I got to attend his wedding!

Erin said...

I went through a pretty bad divorce from the father of my 3 oldest children. And there were different points when both of my sons went to live with their father and their sister stayed with me. Each time they left, my heart would break again. My mother always told me, one day they will know the truth and they will come back. I never believed her, but she was right. They now understand the kind of man their father is and they give him the love and respect he deserves as their father, but their heart is with me. As grown men, they have decided to live very close to me and they love their new family (I remarried and have 3 more kids). Never lose hope for the future!!!
God bless you and I'm glad that you and Calley are making wonderful Christmas memories.

James Wertheimer said...

Jimmy Kopelia declares himself a romantic because He is in love with life. Your story makes me proud of to be like that. I will recommend your blog CHEERS

mamawolfe said...

Aw, there's nothing better as a parent than seeing our children love each other!
Visiting from VB>

thegirlfriendmom said...

Very emotional post. Thanks.