Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 239 ~ The Longest Six Miles

While waiting with Calley, for my mom to come out of the store, we were both talking about nothing in particular to pass the time.  Boy, she seems to be growing up more and more as each day pass.

Calley's reading is getting so much better.  She likes to read storefronts, signs, absolutely anything that has letters on it.  She's getting smarter and smarter.   It's to the point now that spelling around her when I do not want her to know what I talking about, is coming to an end.  I am not even done spelling and she yells out the word, as if she was telling us that to come up with something new.. I dare you!   

While all this was going on, I was watching this woman walk across the parking lot to enter the department store.  She was walking ever so slowly.  I kept watching her and thinking that I hope I did not ever get to that point.  

Then all of a sudden my thoughts took off on their own...

Wow, that poor woman.. I hope I never get to the point that I can't walk at a normal pace.  Wow... she is so slow.


Slow cooker... Oh wow...(big smile) I am cooking the best dinner in my new slow cooker.  MMMmmm. Boy I can already taste the chicken and dumplings now...

SLOW COOKER?!  Oh I was making some chicken broth for the girls.



When mom got back in the car... I told her what I remembered.  Not the best timing either.  We were on an errand outing and had to rethink out our shopping and errand strategy.

Needless to say, I dropped mom and Calley off at mom's home so they could eat their lunch we had picked up for everyone... and me... well I HIGH TAILED IT BACK HOME.  Fearing the worse case possible... my house up in flames and our four fur babies gone!  Those were the longest six miles I have ever driven!

Breaking almost every speed limit possible, I pulled into our driveway, barely turning the engine off, not even bothering to shut the car door and ran into my home.

The house was FILLED with smoke!  I scurried two of our dogs out of the house, turned on ceiling fans, any other possible fan, and opened as many windows as I could.

My pan... well as you can see it was black as black can be!  Who cares... I still have a home!!  

On my way back to get mom and Calley, I prayed to God thanking him, praising him over and over again.  Thank you Lord for making that lady walk slow! and forgiving me a brain to think!

Oh, my pan...  after a little elbow grease, my pan... it was good as new!  I love my Calphalon pans!!  But as far as my house... still airing it out.  Oh and I have to wash everything the smoke permeated... all bed linen, clothes that were supposed to be ironed (that'll teach me not to iron right away), and anything else left out... ugh!  
note to self... Check to see stove is off before leaving for errands to avoid finding house filled with smoke! 
Blessings to all!!

126 days to go...

PS... Sons, I love and miss you.  To the moon and stars above and back.  You are my sunshine(s).

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