Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 445 ~ Joy Comes With Giving Back

Funny... it took me until after church today, after a nap, that I finally felt somewhat fresh after being on my feet all day yesterday at the Rescue Mission.  

One word... wow!!  I can't even imagine their doing that day after day.  Well I did go beyond the call of duty with the fund raising as well...

I still feel as if I am walking on a cloud... so full of joy and happiness after yesterday's experience.

I never realized how rewarding it would feel to give back to others.  Sharing some pictures from our day.

This is me!  LOL!  Took time away from the fruit salad to take a few pictures to record the "historical" event.  

Here are some of the volunteers from my church, including my brother in law's girlfriend far left and my mom (mil) serving right next to her. 

My little Calley taking a little salad break.  Such a wonderful learning opportunity for her.  

More volunteers from my church.  A mom and dad in the background, while we had their three children and two of their friends are serving food.  Boy we really used this as a learning opportunity for them.  Mom and Dad thanked me after I spoke with them of the importance of an education. 

Picture of some of the wonderful people we were serving at the shelter.

My hope for the people that stay and use the Rescue Mission is for them to be able to get on their own one day and not have to turn to the Rescue Mission for their meals and a night's rest.  I even saw that there were even some families staying there as well.  My heart goes out to them.

I feel so blessed that even through all our tough times it never came to this for us.  I feel so blessed that we have a roof over our heads, utilities, television and internet, and not to mention food on our plates.  Thank you Jesus!
Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. ~1 Chronicles 16:8
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Anonymous said...

How fantastic that not only did you do this but you brought your kids with you too! I think teaching them humility and gratitude and starting them on service to their fellow man is a great character builder and a blessing as well!! For all of you. It's a good kind of exhaustion after an experience like that.

Pepper said...

What could be a gift greater than teaching your kids the value of giving back to the community? I have yet to instill in my daughter the spirit of volunteerism. I can see how fulfilled you are because of what you've done- and continue to do- Carla :)

mail4rosey said...

I was hoping you would share pictures. These are great!

Mommys Juice said...

Good for you. And such a great example for your children. It really does make you grateful!

Michelle G said...

I love this! I really think it's important for kids to know that it feels good to help others. I need to come up with something for the kids and I to do. There are soooo many opportunities out there and people that could use our blessings. Blessings to you!!

Kristina said...

Sounds like a great day out - helping people; modeling for your kids how to help people; and taking home a whole big joyful, satisfied feeling!
Thanks for sharing your day here,
Kristina :)