Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 446 ~ Surviving the First Day of Kindergarten!


All ready for her
first day.
Hold the fort!  I'm sure you think I should be saying that Calley survived Kindergarten... NOPE!  I Had it right to begin with.  I survived the first day of school!

Let me start by saying that leading up to the first day of school my plate was full.  I had commitments with my church, family and starting a new company {for my husband and brother in law.}  

Was this done as happenstance?  or Was it mere coincidence?  or Did I sub-consciously keep myself occupied {so I wouldn't have to think about it} ?  

I will continue by saying that it wasn't until yesterday morning that "it" hit me.  Shortly after waking up and in the middle of my new Sunday routine I realized what day it was... it was the day before school was to start.

This was no ordinary day by any means... quite the contrary... a very special day at that... this was to be the first day of Kindergarten for Calley.  

I had the pride and privilege to have taken my first baby to his first day of school, yet was not allowed to be there for my second baby... which still breaks my heart ... so now with Calley...

Was told to go to the sticker
wall because she arrived
on time.
Calley, Ethan's mom, Ethan and
the rest of their table.
My poor Calley... hehehe... [everything I didn't get to do with my sons I make sure I do it with her] ... I am not going to miss any of her special moments...

Before, during and after dropping her off for her first day at school... I kept holding back my tears.  I didn't want to spoil her day nor give her the impression that I was sad.  The moment I felt tears creeping upon me I would look at my daughter's beautiful happy face.  

By the end of the day yesterday she kept telling me, "mommy, don't worry.  I am going to have a good day.  I am going to make new friends too!  I am not scared. I'll be okay."  ...  Calley wasn't scared, just a few First Day of School butterflies in the tummy.  

There she is!! Finally the day was over.
Telling Grandma about her
day at school.
Sharing with Daddy about
her day.
A couple of times I caught myself... and after I dropped her off... for the next six and a half hours... I did laundry... made Calley's bed all pretty... ironed... and decided to take a little nap... oh and I even went on an errand before picking Calley up... all that and I was the second mommy in line to pick up her baby.  I was fifteen minutes early.

All I knew was the first thing is I wanted to know all about her day!

It was no surprise to me when Calley jumped into the car chatting away 100+mph if that's at all possible! lol! - with little girls it is!  I couldn't even get a word in.. I had to pull over.  Seriously!

Calley slow down... take a deep breathe and listen to me a moment... did you have a good day?  now answer me slowly....

It was the sweetest thing listening to her sweet voice tell me about her day and what the teacher taught today, which on the first day it is more a getting to know everything, a familiarizing of sorts...  

Calley's face lit up while she was telling me about her day.  She couldn't wait to get to her Grandma and Grandpa's, tell her Daddy and share with her uncles.  

I knew it!  I thought I was going to get through this day tear free... yet the pictures finally got to me. 
Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire.  ~William Butler Yeats
I am second..

[here's to you finding your... ]


... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Shannon Milholland said...

My youngest, Carynne, started kindergarten too. She is adjusting so well and her mommy is so proud of her. I thought I might cry but I'm so happy she's doing well - all I can do is smile. :)

mail4rosey said...

I am so happy she had a great day!!! She looks as cute as can be!

My son's school starts after Labor Day, but at Open House the teacher gave us kindergarten parents a note saying, "Please, please, please, as a HUGE favor to me, do not linger in saying goodbye to your children on the first day of school. I know it's hard for parents, but I have been teaching 13 years and you can entrust the care of your child to me. Please say your goodbyes and leave quickly.' LOLOL

I gathered from the note that like you said, it's usually us parents having the apprehensions and not the kiddos. :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Love her enthusiasm! I guess its a boy thing, but I have to ask the right questions to get any "chatter" about how was school today. It starts with a flat, "Good."

Glad you survived!

Ang said...

Awwwwwwww I shed a few tears on my daughter's first day of kindergarten as well--just a few days ago! She was SO excited though, I had to be happy for her! I've missed you too, BTW!!! Hope all is going well for beautiful you!

Susan said...

I am going to be an absolute mess when Ava goes to school. They have recently moved to full-day J.K. here in Canada :: long for a 4 year old! Yikes.
Glad to hear all went well!