Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 442 ~ Saying Good Bye to an Era...

Well... now that that is all said... almost seems as if I have been going on one challenge after another... looks like it's catch-up time...  wink, wink.

Honestly... I can make fun of myself all I want, but the fact of the matter is that with my I Am Second ~ 22 Day Challenge, where I grew as a Christian ten fold... and my 30 Days of Truth, where I grew as I person (even more, if that's at all possible wink, wink)... either way there is no mistaking that this blogging thing is good for the soul!

With all that aside... life has been moving along.

We had a nice summer (2012) at home, no vacations this year (sad face)... but that's okay... we have next summer.

Staying in town didn't matter to us... we took the time and enjoyed some of what El Paso has to offer...we started the summer off with a graduation, we had the opportunity of visiting a couple of museums, the zoo, a party or two... 

We even experienced getting up oober early one day, getting to the uniform swap sale {at the break of dawn!} and being given number ten in line! woohoo!! Calley even had a little excitement  herself, as one of sandals broke and was forced to walk with one shoe off (gross!) half of the time, while I carried her the other half (she weighs 53 pounds and gets heavy after a while!). The important thing was that we were both elated going home by 9am with ten skorts, ten shirts, a pair of pants and a handful of thoughtful school supplies.

Even though we didn't get the chance to travel this summer, I truly enjoyed staying home.  In the back of my mind I knew the entire summer that this is the last summer before Calley starts Kindergarten.

This is the year that Calley reaches a new milestone in her life... a milestone which opens a new chapter in her beautiful life.

While I am so very happy for my sweet little girl (who is SOOO happy and excited that school is three days away)... I am also sad that I am witnessing the end of an era in her life.  This means saying good bye to my little baby which was once one, two, three, four and now five. She's growing up. 

I know I am being maybe a little mushy, sensitive or maybe cheesy... but this is my baby... she's' going out into the world... she'll be surrounded by strangers most days (YIKES! lol!! seriously now, if you think about it...)  

Therefore... my willingness to volunteer with whatever I can help with.  Big smile. 

Listen... all I know is that my sons are now 25 and 21, both working full time and going to school... and now my little girl (about to turn 6 in October) is starting a new chapter in her life... Kindergarten.  

Tell me I shouldn't be melancholy...

I was so excited all summer for her... and now that the day is upon us... well... I am missing my baby.

I have had the privilege of being by Calley's side everyday of her life.  Even when I worked as a teacher, Calley attended preschool at the same school I worked at and was always 75 steps away.  

It's been fourteen months since Calley has been in a school environment... we decided to keep her home this last year due to her horrible allergies, which led to asthma, infections, and fevers included none the less... resulting in her missing over half the school year.  

Not only would I not get paid for staying at home with Calley when she was sick- at the time there wasn't anyone available to be with her.. and I needed too... we also lost all the money we paid the school for her tuition.     

Oh well... no worries!  As I said it has been a privilege and an honor to have had the opportunity to have spent all of Calley's life by her side thus far.  Starting in nearly two days we will be apart for six and a half hours per each Monday through Friday while there is school in session... for the next nine months not deducting for Thanksgiving week, Christmas time, Spring break or the other five or six holidays she'll be getting off...

Fact remains... I'll be missing my baby.  I'll be missing my shopping buddy... co-pilot... and all around best little friend.  

Of course needless to say that I know that she needs to go to school and begin this new adventure in her life.
Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. ~Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)
I am second..

[here's to you finding your... ]


... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Savy Green Saver said...

Awe, the sweetness of Kindergarten! I have one more year for my youngest!

Anonymous said...

It does mark the end of an era when your baby goes off to school but the beginning of a beautiful new one too full of questions, stories, excitement and even a little heartbreak. I am thrilled for your little one, sad right there with you because I know some day it will be me experiencing this, and excited for you both to be able to share school days!

Barb W. said...

Awww... that first day of Kindergarten is so bittersweet. My babies are in 4th, 6th, and college now and I still miss them dearly when they are in school.

Michelle G said...

I actually got a little bit of "oh my gosh, I'm going to be by myself" feeling last week when I started thinking about my 2 1/2 days alone I'll be having soon. Jaycee is headed off to Kindergarten, too. She'll be riding the bus for the first time and I might have a little anxiety attack that morning. It is so hard giving up that "control" to someone else. Oh crud! I'm getting a little misty. I have to stop talking now. Good Luck with your first week of school!

Wendy said...

I so remember what it was like sending my guys off to their first year of school. Praying for you and your baby for a wonderful day! Blessings!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

I know how you feel!
Sending my son to Kindergarten last June, I was washed by a wave of emotions that first day. :)

mail4rosey said...

Totally relating. I have one starting school after Labor Day for the first time ever...and he'll be just a couple of days over four! *sigh* It seems waaaaaaaaaay too little to be sending him off to Kindergarten all day.

I hope your baby's...excuse me, big girl's first day of school goes great!!

Army of Moms said...

Today I walked my "baby" into his 5th grade class! It doesnt seem to get any easier for me. Each new school year I realize how much time has already gone by and how little time I have left before they go off to college.

leigh said...

OH GOOD LUCK!!! I knw it will be hard to have your little girl leave you. She sounds so excited. My boys kep growing so quickly I know I will be surprised when this day arrives for us! Be strong mama xoxox

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

Awww to be Kinder! Haha, I bet you are so proud of Calley! They grow up so fast, don't they?