Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 436 ~ #28 of My 30 Days of Truth...

My 30 Days of Truth challenge   I will admit that I changed one question and changed a few curse words... other than that the challenge is intact. 

Day 28: Name a decision that was made that caused a chain of events that would not have happened if it wasn't for that decision?...

This is a total head scratcher!  

I mean really.  All day I found myself... well... dumbfounded.  

{and} now, I couldn't help but stare at today's topic even some more... George I think I've finally got it... as if a light had been switched on... and so on...

It is my opinion that ALL decisions made lead to a chain of events... all of them.  Isn't that what living is all about?  Without chain of events there wouldn't be a life living... there just wouldn't be life.  Really, think about it... it's true.

For example, the decision to turn right on any street... this decision to turn right has led to events that otherwise would not have otherwise happen if your turn would have been a left one, including who crosses your path.

When I was seventeen years old, I had decided one day that I would never second guess myself in anything I do...   I told myself... 
self... decisions that YOU make in your life will be made because that is what YOU wanted to do... whether it was to decide what to do, what to wear or a person YOU thought YOU could believe in... YOU made the choice to partake in that situation... so whatever the decision SELF, YOU have to live with the consequences.
Regardless if you decide on a purchase, or a choice to do something that others were against or dating an idiot... I made that choice because that is what I wanted to do and NO ONE was going to talk me out of it... and therefore... I must live with it... like it or not.  wink, wink

SO I am "good" with everything.  It is what it is and I have made my bed and must lay in it.  Good or bad.  etc... wink, wink..

Today, I still agree with my seventeen year old self and stand by my decision(s), then and now... and... good or bad.  

As we say... all's good.  wink, wink.  No worries.

With God's grace.
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. ~1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)
Where I've been and where I'm going next...  
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 Here's to 30 Days of Truth!

I am second.

[here's to you finding your... ]

... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Pepper said...

Exactly! The decisions we make always lead to a chain of events- whether good or bad.

I'm a little fatalistic, though, and believe that whatever happens is part of God's will. Sure, we have been given the capacity to make choices, but ultimately, He will direct us towards the path set out for us. I think this is another "free will vs. predestination" topic :)

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

It's also freeing to know that the decisions we make were done because it was what we thought was best at that moment. Great reminder, Carla.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

Standing by you decisions is a good thing,but as you said we have to learn to deal with what comes GOOD/BAD that might lead to another decision-admitting we were wrong-and becoming a better person by learning from the mistake we made.

mail4rosey said...

I was thinking that too...all decisions lead to a chain reaction.

My grandmother used to say, "You made your bed..." lol Your use of the phrase made me laugh.

17 was really young to makes such a wise decision. Kudos!

Sharon Ruggieri said...

What??!! You mean there's a chain of events that happens when I make a decision?! Well...great! Now I know what I've been doing wrong all along!

Luv ya!

FlawedMommy said...

I am impressed by the maturity you showed when you had that conversation with yourself when you were 17. As a mom to teens, I find that kids today act first and then figure they'll deal with the consequences when they come. Realizing that the decisions one makes can have both positive and negative consequences, and then weighing the risks, that is a true sign of maturity. Many adults I know today still have trouble understanding this.

Rachelle said...

like what they say... everything happens for a reason and these events in your life mold you to who you are today.