Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 123 ~ A Special Moment

What a wonderful Sunday spent with family.~  Nothing like breaking bread and catching up with loved ones.

Eggs,in olive oil, served with
Mediterranean olives, lebne,  ~
A Lebanese Tradition  
A tradition which I believe, if I have it straight, was started by my husband's great grandfather... passed down through the generations from Grandpa Ted (deceased), my husband's grandpa... and now continued with the current elders of the family, my father-in-law, his brother and sister, who are my husband's uncle and aunt.

It used to be that the entire family would go to Grandma and Grandpa's on Sundays, after church, and Grandpa Ted would fry up eggs in a ton of olive oil, and make his four children, their spouses, and his grandchildren their breakfasts.

Time has gone by since the last eggs Grandpa Ted served... however today we keep the tradition going by now getting together at Auntie Sue's...  my father in law's sister... where we now gather, along with the new generation teaching them the traditions left behind by our wonderful ancestors!

Let me add a slight correction.  Grandma Betty, Grandpa Ted's widow, is still alive and is technically the head of the family, however... sad to say that she is in her nineties, and well... how do I put this tactfully.. let's just say that Grandma needs everything done for her and does not say much.

However... I do want to share with you, that today after I gave Grandma a kiss hello as I whispered in her ear a sweet hello, she responded to me for the first time in months (actually sad to say, I can't remember the last time Grandma did talk to me,) and said "hello!"  I could not believe my ears!!

Needless to say, that not only will that moment be forever in my heart, but the peace and happiness which came upon me at that moment, stayed with me the rest of the day!

Thank you for all that I have in my life.

Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.  ~ Seneca

Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.    -- Author Unknown 

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.   ~ Epictetus 

Blessings to all!!

242 days to go...

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Sagittarian said...

Wow! Great! That was really a special moment to remember forever..:) Have a great day friend!:)

laruzzia said...

Can't wait to get there.
miiz you,

laruzzia said...

Car, love your pic that you put up.You are beutiful as well awesome!!! I love you. Thank you for knowing how to be a mother and using it to valm me down. I owe you one. Got your yoga pad!!!lolol
love claudi