Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 133 ~ Paying Peter or Paul?

So I am writing my post early by comparison to other times, even though I will have it automatically post at around the same time.  Why? ...  Well...

I have found myself without internet at home... talk about withdrawls!!!  So... now I find myself at McDonald's using their wi-fi while Calley plays.  This is almost perfect... I am able to write and Calley is able to rid of some of that overflowing energy she has...  If only... I had half of her energy... although I think I would settle for at least 20% of her energy!  lol!!

SO I find myself here thinking that this is the perfect opportunity to tell you how we ended up in El Paso...

It was early February, of 2008, Calley was sixteen months old, and Dean came home early.  At first I thought what a lovely surprise, but I soon learned that is was the furthest thing from being lovely... he lost his job!

Dean had been working for the same company for nearly twenty-six years, and at this point he had worked into a supervisor position with a company van, excellent medical insurance and a great salary to match.

Well it was all gone!!

Not only has this been a very humbling experience, but I strongly feel that it also has been a blessing in disguise.  After all, Dean did used to leave the house at five in the morning and many times would not get home until well after eight that same evening... never mind that if he worked late, well he came home late(r) as well.

After months of looking for a new job, maxing our credit cards and then tapping into our savings, we decided to move to El Paso.

Why El Paso?  His father's family was here, and a BIG support system for us.  SO we left beautiful Southern California for miles upon miles of beach... without an ocean!

That was three years ago.  We are in a better position than we once were, however it is still a struggle... hence, no internet today.  (big sad face)

Dean has since found a job, yet at one fourth of what he used to make with no benefits, no car, no salary.  But it is an honest job.

We do have plans and goals that we are working towards.  I really hope to get somewhere with my blog, as well as other business endeavors I am working on.  But in the meantime... I continue to steal from Paul to pay Peter, and so forth.

I guess you can say that today Paul finally got pissed off... not to mention that I did too!

This was a very trying day and I was not going to let it get the best of me!!

In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.    ~  Anonymous

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect It's successful outcome.    ~ William James 

I believe life is to be lived, not worked, enjoyed, not agonized, loved, not hated.    ~  Leland Bartlett 

 Blessings to all!!

232 days to go...

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