Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 142 ~ Life's Jewels

Liz Taylor shows off the 33 carat
diamond ring Richard Burton gave her in 1968 
  • Can you imagine that your daily wear would include a 33 carat diamond ring! Which is only part of $100s of millions worth of jewelry... WOW... One thing for Liz (Taylor), when she did it, she did it big!  

  • Imagine building possibly one of the largest homes in the country ...90,000 square feet... being asked why, and replying... "because I can!"

  • Or owning a house with 29 bedrooms and a basketball court.

  • 560' foot super yacht ... A yacht that is two football fields! in length, has its own missile defense system! ... (rumored to have cost $1 bill dollars ..). 

I just finished watching 20/20 tonight, with Barbara Walters, on which she had shared with all of us what some multimillionaires own...  

I am going to be very honest with you...

I do see success in my future.  And with that said... I do want to live in a really nice home, Dean and I drive nice cars, great education for Calley, nice necessary things for my family, important things, comfort, our retirement, take care of my family... and then of course we can't take it all with us ... (wink, wink)

I do not see us spending money on ridiculousness... or on diamond studded collars for our girls (dogs) ...

I do see us giving back and "helping" those who have had it tough like us, help them (learn) to get ahead... and I do see a nice family (reunion) vacation (wink, wink)... 

This is what I see as my diamond ring..

I do see us leaving a legacy for our children.

How's that for believing in myself?!

I was at the point of my post that I quote something motivational, inspirational that coincides, as I do every evening... my way of paying it forward per say... and I could not have come across a more appropriate quote, which in turn prompted me to write this last paragraph.  This quote was written by Louise L. Hay, yet comes from my heart!  In other words, I could not have said it better!!

I have the power to change my life for the better and I am doing so now.  I love all of the good mental habits I am learning and I watch my life respond to my positive thoughts.  If I had a known how easy this would be, I would have started this process years ago.  I am in awe of the power of my own thoughts to heal my body and my  life.  ~ Louise L. Hay

Blessings to all!!

223 days to go...

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laruzzia said...

One more time, your words give me the power to embrace my thoughts so that they become reality. Through this process I'm learning to, weighing out the most important by priority, the mind over matter but most of all my LOYALTY to myself, my children and my family..especially you Carla my sister.
Ilove you and God Bless you!