Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 254 ~ It's Ok, My Doctor Prescribed Them

Although I started getting ready for this post the day Whitney went to be with our Lord, I have mulled over it for the past week.  

Tonight on the eve of her  "Home Going" ceremony  , I felt compelled to finally give this a rest.

The autopsy was completed on Whitney on the 12th, however the toxicology report is said to take another six to seven weeks. 

Does the police lab do this on purpose?  In my opinion, if they were to shorten the time by seven weeks (originally said that the results could take six to eights weeks, and we just finished the first week,) all the media, and everyone else would stop speculating.  I'm so sure that this is not helping Whitney's family grieve.

I am reading that a lot of fans are for one upset at Nancy Grace for going full speed ahead with all her speculations of a wrongful death and so forth.

What I have to say about this is that, first off if you do not like Nancy, and those like her, then don't listen to them... and stop hating.  Secondly, Whitney chose to be in the public eye and unfortunately all the publicity is part of the life she chose.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, stating that he has ordered the US flag to fly at half mast [in his state] is not right, and is getting an earful over his decision.  I understand that Whitney is from New Jersey and she has contributed a lot to the state, to music, however (I mean no disrespect) flying the flag at half mast (also called 'half mass' or 'half staff') is reserved for true heroes... our country's servicemen, statesmen, and peace officers.  
Only the president of the United States or the Governor of the state may order the flag to be at half-staff to honor the death of a national or state figure.  In addition to the traditional half-staff salutes, the Flag Code mentions the use of our Flag for honoring leading citizens such as Martin Luther King, Jr.
I'm sorry, as much as I love Whitney, she is no Martin Luther King, Jr.  However... protocol also states...
Private citizens and non government buildings may choose to fly their flags at half staff to honor more local leaders.  The Flag Code does not exclude any citizen, whether they belong to an organization or not, whether they are recognized very locally or regionally. Examples of deceased citizens that might be honored with by lowering the Flag to half-staff include local religious leaders, youth leaders, honored teachers or sports coaches, local politicians, or a local hero. There need be no authorization from the government for the private sector (non-government) to use the Flag to honor any citizen.
If we were to honor everyone, then the true meaning and honor of flying our flag at half mass would cease to exist.

Yes, Whitney had an angelic voice.  She sang gospel at a young age with her mother and without.  She became a model, before making it big in the 80s.  Many of her songs slowly inter-weaved into my own life.  I can hear any of her songs and recall where I was at that point in my life... I'm sure it's no different for many of you.  

I can remember dancing my heart out in my living room to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" many, many times.  I also remember remember crying my eyes out to "I Will Always Love You"... and her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner gave me chills watching the Super Bowl in 1991.

My heart and prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina and the rest of Whitney's family and loved ones.  God Bless you Whitney.

As a side note.  If Whitney's death has anything to do with the misuse of of prescriptions drugs... I wish that the government would seriously do something about it!   I am not speculating one way or another regarding Whitney's death... She is definitely at home now, in a happy place... however there are the possibilities....  Nor am I passing judgement on anything other than people hating on each other over so many uncertainties... instead of remembering and celebrating the life of such a talented singer. 

Please take a moment for those lost to the accidental oversdoeses of prescription medicines.    Unfortunately this is just a partial list.  All deaths were ruled as accidental overdoses, except where noted...
Marilyn Monroe was found dead on August 5, 1962  pentobarbital, aka nembutal and chloral hydrate (sleeping pills).
Dorothy Dandridge was found dead on September 8, 1965  imipramine, aka tofranil (antidepressant).
Judy Garland was found dead on June 22, 1969   barbiturates.
Jimi Hendrix was found dead on September 18, 1970  secobarbital, aka seconal
Bruce Lee was found dead on July 20, 1973  allergic reaction to equagesic.
Freddie Prinze was found dead on January 29, 1977  methaqualone, aka quaaludes.
Elvis Presley was found dead on August 16, 1977  heart attack contributed by as many as 14 different drugs, including codeine, and  methaqualone, aka quaaludes.
Keith Moon was found dead on September 7, 1978  clomethiazole. aka heminevrin (sedative.)
Abbie Hoffman was found dead on April 12, 1989  phenobarbital (anti-seizure sedative)
Steve Clark was found dead on January 8, 1991  unspecified antidepressant and painkiller.
Margaux Hemingway was found dead on July 1, 1996  phenobarbital (anti-seizure sedative)
Rob Pilatus was found dead on April 2, 1998  unspecified drug, rumored to be methadone (pain killer and anti-addiction aid).
Dana Plato was found dead on May 8, 1999  carisoprodol, aka soma, and vicodin. 
Ol' Dirty Bastard was found dead on November 13, 2004  tramadol (pain killer).
Chris Penn was found dead on January 24, 2006  promethazine (antihistamine) and codeine.
Gerald Levert was found dead on November 10, 2006  vicodin, percocet, darvocet, xanax, and two non prescription antihistamines.
Anna Nicole Smith was found dead on February 8, 2007  noctec, klonopin, ativan, serax and valium.
Pimp C was found dead on December 4, 2007  cough syrup with promethazine and codeine.
Heath Ledger was found dead on February 6, 2008  oxycodone, hydrocodone, temazepam, valium, xanax and doxylamine.
Michael Jackson was found dead on June 25, 2009  propofol.
Whitney Houston was found dead on February 11, 2012  autopsy  has not been released, and toxicology reports are not complete, although reported that family stated she was on xanax.    
Can you just imagine what this world would be like if one person would have spoken up for any of these people.  If just one person would have stood up to Elvis (yeah, right) or would have been there for Marilyn?   ...

It's rumored that most "greats" are prima donnas, spoiled and catered to.   really?

Regardless many people think "It's okay for me to take this, my doctor prescribed it for me, and my other doctor this other prescription... oh my other doctor told me it was okay to drink a glass of wine..."... regardless of how many prescriptions a person may be mixing or how many doctors you may be seeing... some patients think it is okay to take them all at the same time.  

You do not have to be famous to have this happen to you, keeping in mind some that doctors do bend the rules more so for famous people, than for the common person.  However, this is becoming more common than you know, a trend if you will.

The last time I spoke with my sister (just a few days ago) I told her that I did not care that she hated me, but I will not be quiet... you need to get help, see ONE doctor and stop drinking and taking xanax, morphine, blood regulators, etc. and whatever else you are on.  You are going to end up dead like Whitney Houston. 

I was so upset at her, that I told her I was not going to her funeral.   Okay... maybe that was a little harsh... but emotions get going... she interrupts and talks at the same time I do... I get louder... I get frustrated... I get upset...

Okay... maybe I could have handled that a little better.  After all I'm suppose to lead by example, right?  It just would have been nice to have a sister for once in my life.    

My sister is 45 years old, and has been hospitalized several times just since June of 2011... including having emergency surgery back in November of 2011 where she had embolisms in her lungs and blood clots in her legs.  She almost died.

She continues to drink, smoke, all the while carrying around two gallon sized baggies filled with prescription bottles she was taking.  She told me back in November that she was no longer taking oxycontin and morphine... however there is no way for me to confirm this.

Please do not let all these greats and loved ones we have lost, die in vain.  If you know of anyone, a loved one... going through anything remotely close to what I have shared with you, PLEASE SPEAK UP!  Do something.  Save a life.  Don't give up...   

I would rather have my sister be mad at me and not speak to me, than to witness my mother bury her daughter before her time.   

A human life is a story told by God.  ~Hans Christian Andersen 

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.  ~Kahlil Gibran

Blessings to all!!

111 days to go...

PS... for a, l and c.  You are my sunshine(s).

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Kathy Radigan said...

Carla it is extremely sad that we have lost so many people, famous and not so famous to drug abuse, whether prescription or recreational. It is especially heartbreaking when someone we love is in the midst of addiction. I will keep you and your sister in my prayers!! Much love!

Cheryl said...

I had heard she passed and have purposely not been following the media about this as I just knew it would be crazy. I think you did the right thing talking to your sister. Sometimes people just need to hear it again and again before it sinks in, I will say a prayer for her tonight.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

I hope things will get better for your sister. Stay strong for her, and your Mom, too.

mrsmomx6 said...

Love and prayers for you and your sister. Growing up around drunks and drug users I just don't get how some of the most evil ones get to keep on living, while others, don't...

Sometimes rock bottom is really, really far before someone hits it and realizes it's either claw your way out, or not...

Keep your chin up