Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 508 ~ All We Need Is Love (XXI)

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:33) 
  • You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to your husband . . . or to anyone else, about your husband.
  • Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband . . . to your husband . . . and to someone else, about your husband!

If we are living in light of eternity, everything we think, do or say is seen from an eternal perspective. We will someday give an account for our failure to speak words of love and encouragement. Determine today that your words will be sweet and helpful.

Does your husband have an eternal perspective that allows him to reject materialism and temporal values? Express your gratefulness for his value system, and praise him for putting eternal things before riches and other things of this world. If this is a problem area for him, consider how you might alter your own value system and live for eternity in front of him, encouraging him to do the same. Only two things will go into eternity . . . the Word of God and people. Be sure that you are focusing on the right things. 
    Day 21 ! . . .    
    I'm going to keep this simple and not let it get too wordy.  
    Materialism.... hmmmm... what a brain teaser, if you will.

    Seems when one is young and looking forward to adulthood, most of one's dreams are of what their life may be like as adults... the house... the car... the spouse.. and not to mention the 2.2 kids.

    We all assume that life will be just like that...

    Never do we picture life struggling ... having a marriage that fails ... an abusive spouse ... or possibly having life altering experiences happen.  

    We just assume that we will live happily ever after... just like in the fairy tales.

    As a child when my own parents were divorcing ... life as I knew it was falling apart... I experienced much sadness... the only thing that gave me happiness was the hope that God would step in later in my life.  At the mere age of 9 I thought that since my childhood was unhappy that God would make sure that my adulthood was happy.  I thought he did this for everyone.

    Needless to say that childhood hope did not come true.

    Fast forward to today ... my life is not "peachy keen" per say HOWEVER I have had to struggle for my own happiness and God is a big part of it.

    Do material things really matter?  Well they don't hurt anything that's for sure and they do bring pleasure to ones life... maybe a little comfort and luxury.

    Do I long for a beautiful home?  luxury car?  all the dresses and shoes to choose from?  

    I long for happiness, as does my husband.  My husband is a most content man.  He always makes sure I have nice things (not because I ask for them) and takes the bottom of the barrel for himself.  He is very selfless in that way.

    I am in no way saying that any of "those" things would not be grand to have... who are we kidding here?  wink, wink.  But we really don't NEED them as long as we have love and a happy home.  

    Besides which, you can't take it all with you and they do not matter in eternal life anyways.

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    ... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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