Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 497 ~ SImmering Love (X)

"The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him." (Genesis 2:18) 
  • You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to your husband . . . or to anyone else, about your husband.
  • Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband . . . to your husband . . . and to someone else, about your husband!
We all crave appreciation. We want to know that we are valued and loved. Early love letters probably reflected our admiration, but if we're not careful, our spouse will forget why we were drawn to him. If you still have any of your old love letters, re-read them for clues to deepen your current level of appreciation for your spouse. When we spend time criticizing our husbands, we lose time that could be spent admiring them. As you consider various ways to encourage your husband, ask, "How can I admire him?"
Does your husband know that you think he is attractive? What was one of the characteristics in your husband that first drew you to him? Was it a physical characteristic, or something else?
Was it his gentle, compassionate eyes? Kindness or concern for others? An easy-going confidence? A steadiness that comes from trusting in the Lord? Strength of character in a culture that lacks integrity? Do you see at least a glimpse of that characteristic in him today? Whatever it is, tell him!
Woo Hoo, day 10 ...   
I'm going to keep this simple and not let it get too wordy.  

"You had me at 'hello'"... 

We all remember that famous line from Jerry Maguire... don't you?  wink, wink.

Actually Dino took more than fifteen years to have me at anything!  LOL!... 

When we first met I was married, and he was great friends with my brother.. They played ice hockey together.

It wasn't until fifteen years later, including a horrible divorce and a move back home that Dino and I even started hanging out together as friends... and even that took another year and a half to have me "at hello."

It wasn't until my brother was pointing out some of my friends to Dino that I noticed an interest in him.

Be as it may... when "love " hit... "love" hit hard!!  Kind of like a simmering pot overboiling... our simmering love boiled over  :)

And here we are five months away from celebrating ten years of marriage!! 


[here's to you finding your... ]


I am second..
... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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