Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 481 ~ Suzy Toronto's Message for October

This is absolutely crazy!!  October 1st is here and it was HOT out today!  What ever happened to Fall weather?  Here's to hoping that Fall weather arrives sometime this month!  wink, wink.

Never mind that three quarter of the year is GONE!... and before we all know it we'll be doing Thanksgiving dishes and contemplating if we're crazy enough to go Christmas shopping at midnight.

I mean seriously what has happened to our world my world?  Crazy a$$ hot summers, a little touch of fall, winter here and gone with a faint touch of spring that lasts what seems to be a week.  Not to mention that retailers now think that our start to the Christmas shopping season was silly to begin at six in the morning, and that midnight is much better!  I have a few choice words for them, however I chose quite some time ago not to use foul language!

So... back to the subject at hand... let's do a recap here...
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Now for this month's message...

October 2012's message:
~ I May Do Foolish Things... but I Do Them with Enthusiasm!

In our effort to masquerade as people who really have our acts together,
goofs, blunders, and faux pas often slip out.
We get our feet stuck so far in our mouths or our skirts flung up so high 
over our heads that the spectacle is hard to miss.

This is where laughing at ourselves becomes a lifesaving virtue.
So next time your inner "goofball" slips out, 
just throw your arms in the air, let out a giggle,
and give the world a cross-eyed smile!

After all, we may do foolish things...
but at least we do them with enthusiasm!
~Suzy Toronto 

This month's message is my absolute favorite!  Seems like Suzy was talking right to me... as if she knew me personally.  After all... I do spend a lot of time removing my foot from my mouth!  wink, wink.  Thanks Suz!
"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."  ~William Cullen Bryant
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