Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 267 ~ March's Message

Two months zipped by... ten more to go!

Really?!  Can't believe it's the first of March!  "My" month!!  Yes... it my birthday month.    WOOT, WOOT!!  There was a time that I used to welcome March with such excitement... HOWE V E R , the last couple of years not so much.  Probably because I now have one year and twenty-one days before the BIG 5-0... more on that later in the month!

Now, February on the other hand... it always seems like such a festive month, with love in the air and all.  Actually, love should be in the air everyday, all year long.  Just as we should be giving all year long, instead just on Christmas... or being thankful for that matter... yes, and not just on Thanksgiving!

I have always been a romantic, even if I didn't have a significant other on Valentine's day.  I love 'love'.  I have always just felt that way, even if it wasn't me in love ...Instead, I would play cupid for my friends.  Big smile.  I know it's not the same for others ...a lot of people hate the day... I just look at the glass being half full.  wink, wink.

So... let's do a recap here...
January's message...This above all:  to thine ownself be true.
February's message... Keep  your eye on the goal, and don't let anything distract you.
Now for this month's message...
March 2012's message:
~ Anyone Who Says She Doesn't Need a Girlfriend Just Hasn't Found a Good One Yet...
... But that's not my problem - I have you. 

I just can't bear the thought of picking up the phone and not having you on the other end to talk to, cry to, and visit with
You're my biggest critic, head cheerleader, and favorite sounding board all rolled into one.  My life is infinitely more exciting, fun, joyous, peaceful, interesting, and real simply because you're in it.  I'm so blessed you are my friend. 
~  Suzy Toronto 
After reading Suzy's message, I could not help but ask myself who in my life best fit what she was talking about.  For a moment there I could not think of a single girlfriend that fit that criteria... but don't feel sad for me.  Because I realized that I have my very own Dream Team!!  (to read about my dream team, click here.)

I am blessed to have some amazing women that I call my friends.  There may not be many... but I look at it as quality and not quantity!  Each and everyone of them have and do fit the criteria that Suzy lays out above.  Some, I have met not too long ago, a few that time may go by without talking and we easily pick up where we left off, and others I am blessed to have known for decades!!  (YIKES!! maybe 'years' sounds a little less like I am ancient!  lol)  They've seen me at my lowest, supported me through my divorce and custody battle, felt as happy as I did when my babies were born, and they have seen me at my best!  ... and ... they even read my blog!  (you definitely know who you are!)

Then ... I have my husband.  Sure I may not talk girly things with him (that's what my Dream Team is all about), and his knowledge about what's in style for women.. well never mind!  wink, wink.  Seriously now... Dean, has stuck by me when I know others would have taken off running like a bat out of hell!  He stood by me through a time where panic and anxiety attacks would not allow me to leave the house alone!  He has seen me curled up in a ball when I could not talk or see my sons, and he still married me!  He even wrote me 'my' song!  BIG SMILE!!  Although my hubby is not the most romantic guy, (which I knew when I married him I'd have to pick up the slack on this one,) it doesn't matter because he really loves me!  

Constant use will not wear ragged the fabric of friendship.  ~Dorothy Parker
Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.  ~Plautus 

Blessings to all!!

98 days to go...

PS... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Mommy LaDy Club said...

I am a romantic too! My husband is probably my best friend and then my sister. I have a few close ones like yours, where we can pick up where we left off, and I have some new ones with the blogging world.

I love your monthly themes!

Ang said...

I have recently moved back to the US after having lived abroad for over 30 years, so needless to say, I'm starting from scratch when it comes to being and finding a friend. I'm glad I have all you mom bloggers--such a wonderful circle of people!
PS Two of my best friends I had to "leave behind" are born in March! :-) said...

This is a good reminder for me to take the time to connect with my friends more. We live all over the country now and have marriages and small kids that take up a lot of our time--it's hard to keep in touch as much as we used to.