Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 275 ~ "Me", a Name I Call Myself...

I never thought I would find myself writing about the weather.  But from where I sit, why not?  ... Besides, if you think about it, it has been pretty crazy out!!

First off... if you don't know by now, you do now... I live in Texas... the most far west point of Texas... ol' El Paso. 

This picture is of the brown-out on Wednesday... the heat go-
ing  up to 80.  Looking out, we normally have a view of Frank-
lin Mountains in this direction- this is not a poor quality pho-
tograph, truth is this is how it looked!... I literally had to take
a second look... and I couldn't see a thing!
When I first visited El Paso nearly twelve years ago, I never thought (a) that I would end up living here, and (b) that it was capable of snowing here as well.

The heat... I was warned about...  The winds... I was warned about... The snow... well I was warned that it did that here as well...  

However... to have it be windy, brown out conditions, with over 80 degrees Fahrenheit one day ... and then two days later have it be in the mid forties ... and now I am hearing on the news that there's a possibility of snow tonight!  This is absolutely crazy!  I was never warned about this!  wink, wink.

Taken 12.24.11 ... looking at Franklin Mountains (Snow!)  We
do have clouds covering up the peaks, but the skies above
are blue. 
It is winter, for crying out loud!  What happened to our winter!?!  It seems as if El Paso has two seasons, a warm cool and HOT!

First off... I think that this year we had snow in El Paso, before my girlfriend did in Chicago!  Poor gal.  She's still waiting for winter to come... 

Me... well I would like for winter to stick around longer.  But from the look of it, it looks like we'll be back up to 80 by next Thursday, with winds and a slight possibility of rain.  Rain, YES... Wind, GO AWAY!

This is the same city, that last year in the beginning of February we had what they call a flash freeze like you wouldn't believe.  It shut the city down for three days, leaving some families without power for days and in some cases, without water for weeks (a friend of mine has a well, and they did not have water for two months!).

We were down to below zero at night for a couple of days, with the highs in the upper 10's.  again... It was absolutely crazy!  Pipes were frozen throughout the city, ours too  :(  There was a huge power outage, we were out for a day  :)  You couldn't get any water anywhere... all the  shelves were left in a debacle.  Somehow, we ended up with 8 cases of water... we were good here.

This winter has not gotten that cold.  However we have had it snow on three different occasions, including Christmas Eve, and it's on the verge of a fourth time.  But it really has not stayed cold... more like overnight occurrences.

Is this normal?  I have no clue, I've only lived here for three and a half years.  All I know is, it is hot seven months out of the year... and then it's either mild or a bit chilly.  But to have it be cold like back east... luckily we do not experience that here as a norm.

So ... is there global warming going on, or not?  Many people (republicans) think that it is just another ploy by others (democrats).  Who'd a thunk that weather could get political too?  

I remember someone telling me that the "others" were paying off the scientists to come up with their findings... really?  Then the arctic is not melting?  

I don't know...!  What I do know is that I feel like grabbing two fists full of hair and scream due to all the confusion.

I have been called a "liberal" by many republicans, and then a tad "conservative" by democrats themselves.  What am I? ... 

well I am "me"! ... (or as Donny and Marie would sing... "I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll"... maybe I am liberally conservative?  or conservatively liberal? ... when it comes to politics, I don't believe any of them (politicians that is... they'll say anything for a vote!)  I hold on to my true values and morals, try not to judge others, and do what's best for my family and myself... That is what I "am".

How does the joke go?  How can you tell if a politician is lying?  ...If he's talking.  

I am not trying to get political here... but between the weather, and politics... well let's just say the weather-(wo)men, or to be politically correct (pc), the "meteorologistsare better at their jobs, than most of the political leaders we have in office.  

I leave you with infamous words... or rather the words of the infamous Rodney King, 
"Can we all get along ?
Blessings to all!!

90 days to go...

PS... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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leigh said...

It has been a weird winter in Pittsburgh too - very, very mild. Last winter when the boys were born, we couldn't go out much because of all the snow! This year hardly any and we have a few days of mild to warm weather coming - it's crazy. But SPring is my fav season so I'm looking forward to everything coming back to life

Jennifer Wolfe said...

It would be nice to think we could all get along, but I don't think it's human nature. I think we should all try to listen to each other instead-that's where the true learning might occur.

Kristina said...

I think the weather all over the world seems to be crazy at the moment! Back home where I used to live in Australia has just had some terrible floods; here in Hawaii, we've had even more rain than them, strong winds and plenty of lightning, AND a tornado even touched down on the island yesterday!
Hope your weather settles down soon,

Carla Karam said...

That's exactly what I mean... the weather has been crazy everywhere! Thanks for he comment! I really do enjoy getting feedback... more importantly hearing what others think about what I write. Smiles and Blessings!

Carla Karam said...

Yes.. we need to listen as well as respect others lifes (yes, life's not lives) and beliefs. Learning ... yes learning! Amen.

Carla Karam said...

I could not agree more!... the weather has been crazy everywhere!

Ang said...

I hear ya about the flip-flopping weather, as I live in Texas too, although it doesn't really snow here. But man, one day we're in our summer clothes, and the next we're digging in our closets for our winter coats! And I totally agree with you about politics--unfortunately. Oh well,I guess we all have to be the best we can be!