Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 274 ~ A Museum, Pizza & A Shoe Day

Today Calley and I were invited on a field trip to the War Eagle Air Museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.  What a cute little museum.

We saw an array of older airplanes, as well as a nice little collection of automobiles.  Nothing like the collection I saw back in 1986 I was in Reno, Nevada.  While there, I saw the Harrah Collection (also known as the National Automobile Museum).  Now, that was an automobile collection if I ever saw one!

Compared to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington... this was and is a nice little museum.  Honestly, I am not complaining by any means... I love museums!  Big or small.  I love them all!

I have to tell you that for a little five year old, Calley was really taken in by all the airplanes and cars that were on display.  She would ask me questions about what she soon learned was a "rumble seat", and how the pilots would climb into some of the planes... being that they did not have doors to walk into.  

Calley asks the best questions too!  Such a cutie patootie!  Logan used to ask good questions too, not that Addison didn't... if I could tell you stories... aiy ya yai!

At one point, Calley was caught admiring the red airplane (pictured above left) by one of the airplane maintenance men, she even told him it was really pretty and that red was her mommy's favorite color.  Next thing we knew... he let her climb into the airplane!  She was beside herself!  

To top off an already special day, after the museum we went and had pizza for lunch as part of our outing.  As I mentioned early on, we went on a field trip.  A friend of mine is a teacher, and she invited us to come along with her and her second grade class.  Her second grade class, two years ago used to be my kindergarten class which I taught sign language, Spanish and computers to.  

It was awesome seeing my old class, and some of their parents.

During lunch I quickly discovered that I need to get out more.  Not only that, but I need to learn how to sensor myself!  I always speak before I think!!  Not that my mouth got me into any trouble, or anything... I just caught myself babbling a few times.  That, and I shared with some of the moms some information on the Charter school I am trying to get Calley into.

There I was promoting a Charter school that does not charge any tuition, to moms of students that go to a private school.  My poor girlfriend!  She'll probably take back the invite to next month's field trip after today!  

Other than that we had a great time... and then... moments later... I spotted Calley running around without any shoes on!  OH MY!!  I was mortified inside!!  When it comes to my little girl, I have become quite the germ-a-fobe!  It's just that she constantly gets sick... allergies more than anything... but still.

Lost: One white tennis shoe!
After twenty minutes or so, I noticed that Calley was walking around with one shoe, still looking for the mate.  WE soon discovered that there was a shoe Missing In Action!

Found: boy's tennis shoe
Before you knew it, I had three employees, two moms and about a half dozen kids looking for a tennis shoe.  Now mind you... Calley could use a new pair, but I am just not ready to buy them, and they still fit her.  Then after about forty-five minutes of looking high and low, one of my moms found this other lonely shoe.  It was a left shoe.  

I had Calley right shoe.

Nooo... that could not have happened?  Could someone have walked out with Calley's shoe?  After carefully looking at both shoes... I could not believe what my eyes were seeing!  Calley's shoe was about an inch smaller and it had blue and gray stripes on it!  

Next thing I knew, I had two moms (including my friend) come up to me laughing!  Funny thing was, as they were trying to explain it to me... this kid put on a shoe that was an inch too small and was probably complaining to his mom that his foot was hurting, and she more than likely just rushed him into the car because they needed to leave.

My friend came up to me trying to convince me that it was funny... YES ... OKAY!! There you have it ... IT IS FUNNY!!  Especially when moments later my friend gets a phone call from one of her parents wondering if anyone had found her son's shoe!

OH MY Goodness!! Of all people!... well let's just say that the proverbial shoe fits!

So Calley only hopped around on one foot for a little while, and then I carried her the rest of the way.  

Yes Sarah... It was funny!  It is funny!  

This will go down in history as the day that Calley's shoe was mistaken for one with two heavy stripes... because they look soooo much alike!  (yes, Sarah I am being sarcastic!) wink, wink!

I must get out more!
I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.  Imelda Marcos 
Stiletto, I look at it more as an attitude as opposed to a high-heeled shoe.  ~ Lita Ford  
Blessings to all!!

91 days to go...

PS... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Courtney Baxtron said...

As my almost 2 year old daughter would say, "Ohhh Goodness!" LOL Cute story!