Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 276 ~ "She Was Shoo-ing Me... As If..."

Last year (school year), I can't remember exactly what time... may have been last fall, or was it  in the spring?  hmmm... lol? oh brother, I crack myself up!  I can''t believe I can't remember... oh well.  Anyway, I do remember this... I was teaching... lol I was being sarcastic.

For those of you that do not know, I was in my second year of working at my daughter's school.  A private Christian school.  2010 - 2011, I taught computer science (first through eighth grades, total of 107 students).

One day as the school day ended, a student's mom ("she"), whom we had become friendly through a "chain of events**" ... it was after school and I had been walking back to my class, as  "she"  approached me.  "She" had just picked her daughter up, but had been talking to someone in the parking lot.

Now bare in mind that all I did was walk back to my class to do some prep work, and did not see a thing.  I was in the right place, at the wrong time.

She approached me in such a manner... she was huffing and "oh my-ing" as if her "entitlement" (yes, I said entitlement... just wait, hear me out...)  had been disrespected.  She approached me with a "How dare she!..." stomp, with an "I can't wait until you hear this...!" tone.  

Ok... so in my head I am saying... "I will humor you... what can you possibly tell me?"  For some reason I anticipated something ridiculous happening?

So she proceeds to tell me... "Here I am minding my own business talking to so and so and "this woman" comes towards me, while on her cell phone ("she" now is motioning to me with her hand up to her ear with thumb and pinky held out as if it was a phone, with a nasty look on her face as if imitating "this woman" )  and motions to me with her hand as if she was shoo-ing me... can you believe it? She was shoo-ing ME... as if!  and she was shoo-ing me away from her truck... how dare her, she was shoo-ing ME..."

Quite honestly, after about the fifth "she was shoo-ing me" she lost me!  After that all I heard was wa waa wa wa. Waaa wa wa. Wa wa. Waaa wa. (like the adults on Charlie Brown)  Do you get what I mean?  Remember I can be sarcastic.  I am laughing my butt off now in disbelief as I tell you this, as I did when this happened.  Oh, okay.  So when it happened I was actually laughing inside!  wink, wink.

Finally after a bit, I came to.  I literally jumped in and said... wait!  You were leaning on her truck?   "She" said yes, as if nothing.  I just looked at her and shook my head.  I stood there thinking.  I needed to be careful in how I responded.   "She" saw that I was struggling to come up with something to say.  I wanted to say something. I then shared with her that I was not from here.  I was from Los Angeles.  I proceeded to tell her that I knew that "this woman" was not from Los Angeles, I told her... where I come from we know NOT to lean on someone else's car.  Purely for the fact that you never know if someone may come out after you, or an alarm could go off.  

"She" continued as if I said nothing what-so-ever.  As if the words that came out of my mouth literally just went in one ear and then out the other!  I literally stood there in disbelief.  "She" felt disrespected.  She said it.  I feel disrespected.

It was as if I could smell the arrogance in the air.

Fast forward to last week.

I was telling my friend ("this woman") today... I bumped into "She" at the store last week..  You'll never guess what "she" brought up.  I do not ever... If I ever see "this woman"... I do not ever want to see "this woman"... who does she think she is "shoo-ing" me...

I quickly thought to myself, again with the shoo-ing...!

I could not believe my ears.   I finally, politely said, Honestly, where I come from you just do not lean on anyone's car, bike, etc.  There are alarms... you never know who can come out at you.. I was really polite about it, too.  Either she was clueless as to what I said, or she understood.   I actially thought that.

Then "she" responded... I'm Mexican, what do I know.

REALLY?  Really? ... r e a l l y ?

It was as if I came face-to-face with stupidity!  I could not believe what I just heard.  She was as serious as a heart attack too!  Quite frankly I dismissed what she had just said.  I was offended... and I am not Mexican.

Okay... on the other hand... I am still laughing my butt off, while shaking my head in disbelief!

I do want to say that I am not passing judgement in any way.  I just stand before you in disbelief. I wonder... really?  Or am I looking at this all wrong?  

My friend seems to agree with me.  Oh and by they way... I don't like it when people lean on my car either.  Oh and by the way, I am not agreeing with my friend because she is my friend, either.

As it was taught to me, I taught my children.  You not only DO NOT touch, put things on or lean on  someone's car, and you most definitely DO NOT touch another man's Harley!  ~  Carla Barila Karam

**for example. I was in the school office when her call came in.  "She" called to let the office know that her daughter needed to go to after school day care and no one was able to pick her up or bring her a lunch and a snack.  Overhearing the situation and knowing that Calley always had food left over, I offered to take care of her daughter that day.  As a result, this is how we met.

Blessings to all!!

89 days to go...

PS... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Ashleigh said...

I'm pretty sure I've met this woman before. LOL or at least someone exactly like her. Personally, when I meet someone so sporadic and nonesenical, I assume there are drugs involved...because no one is THAT stupid...right?

Aliy Hurd said...

Oh I love people like this. I get to shake my head and laugh, and laughter is good for the soul

Andrea Boring said...

Oh, good grief! I seriously get amazed every single day and the way people open their mouths without using one iota of their brain to process what comes out. Insane.

Anonymous said...

HA! I think I know a couple woman like that, I go and pray for them, because something has to be a little off in there brain!!

leigh said...

I would never, ever lean up on someone else's car. Wow.

Jennifer Wolfe said...

Sounds like a real winner...and the sad part is, her daughter is probably learning everything from her mom. Hope she has more sense...