Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 288 ~ Thank God Hair Grows Back!

What a Happy Birthday to me!!  

I know that my life is not perfect; my sons have their issues with me- I did get a Happy Birthday text from my eldest; my mother, who has her major issues as well won't talk to me- that's right you guessed it, she nor my sister called me for my birthday; my sister is in a world of her on living on borrowed time; and Lord knows that I have my issues with all of this...

Today... I did not even give it a second thought, let alone a first thought... I woke up knowing that this was going to be a wonderful day.  Who would have thought that Facebook would not only be this mega social network, but would also play a role in everyone's birthday by taking over what Hallmark used to do for everyone. 

At one point today, I think I became a little overwhelmed with all the birthday wishes that I received from all my Facebook family and friends, that I turned my phone off when I arrived for my hair cut appointment.  I felt bad at first, but it wasn't like I would be able to answer a call or even hear it for that matter..

Okay... so I mentioned that this was going to be a good day right?  First off, I wanted to drive around in a shiny clean car today, so I went to the car wash.  WRONG!!! SHUT UP! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN?  For the second day in a row four different car washes had lines going down the street and around the corner!  Why? You ask.   After several days of high winds and rain my car was filty!  Well apparently I am not the only one that has this problem.  I've gone four different times within the last two days.

For a brief moment I felt myself getting upset at myself because I didn't get up early to go to the car wash (like I wanted too), knowing all too well that I was not able to go because I had to finish some other work.  Phew, that was a mouthful!  Just as fast as that thought entered my mind, I did an attitude adjustment and said oh well one more day driving a dirty car was not going to kill me.       

Save number one.

Oh, I mentioned my haircut... All I have to say is ... THANK God HAIR GROWS BACK!!  Oh my.  What just happened?  Right now, believe it or not... I am too embarrassed to post a picture of my hair.  But to give you an idea... Dean was calling me Dora the explorer by the end of the night! silly man!!  I do have to say that I think Dora's hair looks much better than mine.

One moment I am walking into the salon for my "free" haircut (I guess the operative word here is "free")... "Jerry" is asking me if he can do whatever he wants to my hair?  which frankly at this point my hair needs something done to it.  Then I am thinking... what do I have to loose?  After all it's my birthday!  Worse case, hair grows back.  

Next thing I am watching all my hair being cut off... which was okay... I was expecting at least six inches to be cut off... NOT EIGHT TO TEN inches in some places.  OH MY!  I don't think I have ever had my hair this short.

Funny thing... the outspoken person that I am sat there frozen and could not say a thing!  What the?!  I did not say a thing.  I could not bring myself to.  He kept on going ooo aaaa ... and continued cutting.. and I just sat there!

By the time I found myself sitting behind the steering wheel of my car, I was in complete utter shock!  I asked Calley what just happened? Kidding of course.  I looked in the mirror and couldn't help myself and bursted out that I hated my hair.  Calley immediately chimed in and said No Mommy, your hair looks beautiful!  I smiled and thought how sweet she was and immediately decided that I was going to remind myself that hair grows back and in about a month my hair should be okay.  I'll just wear a hat or scarf until then!  lol!

Save number two.

Finally... I am a little disappointed that some people that I hold dear to me, to my life, decided to "I will show her"  by not calling me, regardless of it being my birthday or not...  It hurts.  It is said that a child is a reflection of their parents, as they also say that a parent sees themselves in their children's actions... something along those lines anyways... 

HOWEVER... I am not buying it!  I can look at myself and know that I have done all that I can up to this point and that I do not merit or deserve in any way, shape or form this type of treatment... or rather non-treatment.  Knowing this I choose to not get sucked into their drama, so that I may live a solid, peaceful life within myself... and I continue to remind myself of the following quote:
If someone wants to be a part of your life they’ll make an effort to be in it. So don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn’t make an effort to stay. Remember, there comes a point where you have to realize that you’ll never be good enough for some people, but that’s not your problem.  ~unknown author    
I know it comes across a little harsh... but you get the idea.  Honestly, I generally focus on the first sentence because for me, it reminds me that "I" can only do so much.  Be proud of what I do.  and Remember that other people have their own problems.  lol!  

Save number three!

Seriously, the message I am trying to put forth here is... how we choose to handle situations that come at us is what can make or break our day.  Big smile. 

Happy Birthday to me!!

Blessings to all!!

77 days to go...

PS... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Jill said...

So sorry about your hair cut! That has happened to me too... :( I hope it grows back quickly for you...And Happy Birthday! visiting from VB

Andrea L. said...

A very Happy Birthday you to you Carla!! You decided not to wait to be happy, and that is a pearl of wisdom that takes some people a lifetime to learn. Yay for you, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend as well! :)

Ashleigh said...

Happy birthdayyyyy! :)

Pepper said...

Happy birthday to you! I had Dora hair once, and yes, thank God hair grows back :)

Yes, sometimes we just have to make the most of what life hurls at us. It may not always be to our liking, but there still has to be a silver lining to every cloud.

Love It said...

Hope you had a happy birthday after all of that, sorry to hear about your hair.