Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 336 ~ When I Started Blogging...

Even though I am on "my home~stretch"... Taking Back My Life ~ Making It My Own will not be the last that you see of me!

336 days ago when I started blogging... I had a mindset that I was only going to this for one year.  Just like Julie did in Julie & Julia (my inspiration).  The only difference with Julie and me is that she was cooking to blog and I ... well I was healing to blog.  

336 days ago when I started blogging... I had no clue what I would do after the year was up.  Didn't even think that far ahead, other than wanting to be happy.  {with my family by my side}

336 days ago when I started blogging... I had so much pain, hurt, anger, and resentment inside me.  {One thing was clear, I did not want my daughter to follow in my footsteps.  The cycle needed to end.}

336 days ago when I started blogging... I had no idea that with time my pain, hurt, anger, and resentment would diminish.   

336 days ago when I started blogging
... I never ever thought that I would accept all that caused  my pain, hurt, anger, and resentment.

336 days ago when I started blogging... I had no idea that it would end up playing a major role in my healing process.

336 days ago... I did not know that within time I would soon fall in love with blogging.  That I would see how much I missed writing and journaling.

336 days ago... I would have thought you were nuts if you would have told me that I would set up my own website and add three additional blogs to my repertoire.  [and another underworks!] 


336 days ago... I would have thought I was nuts to think that I would soon be unveiling my new website ----> on Mother's Day.  

Simply put... I just had no idea all this wonderfulness would be going on.  Not to say that I did not see some rough times... some say you have to relive bad times in order to heal from them. ... and If they haven't said that, then I am saying it!

You have to go through the rough times, to know the good!  ~ Carla Barilá Karam

29 days to go...  {SERIOUSLY?!}  

... for a, l & c.  You are my sunshine(s).  

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Cheryl said...

It's amazing what 336 days can do! Looking forward to the unveiling!

Jennifer Tyree said...

Great post! I could really do a post like this... I've been blogging since August 2008 - I've learned quite a bit!

Luana Fukumoto said...

Carla, I always enjoy reading your posts. Each time I read one of your posts I can feel your joy and heartfelt gratitude that you've experienced through blogging. I'm so very excited for you and the new opportunities coming your way! high 5 to you sister, you go girl!

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

WOW its been a very BIG year! I cannot believe you're working on your 4th BLOG!!!!--DO you every leave your computer LOL

God Bless=)

Heather Lynne said...

I'm so glad that your blog has helped you to heal. Sometimes just getting thoughts on paper (or virtual page) is therapy itself. Congrats on launching another website this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Carla, I love reading your blog each day! Thanks for sharing your days with us!

Mommy J said...

Some wise words, Carla. Thanks you. Congratulations on making it so far!

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Everything happens for a reason - I always tell myself that whenever things seem to be going the drain for me. :)

Happy Mother's Day, Carla! Much love! <3

Nicole Orriëns said...

This is such a happy post! How great that blogging has been so good to you! I love it too. It's a great release.

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