Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 346 ~ Dino Pinch Hits! ;)

Ask and I shall receive!  Nice.

Thank you Jesus!...  Today was a better day than yesterday.  Not very productive, but much better.  wink, wink. Baby steps.

Dino, my hubby, kinda took over... my allergies kicked in today, as I woke up with my glands very swollen and ears bothering me.  

I did do a little housework this morning, but when it came time to take Calley to the "Y" for her tumbling class and cheer leading class... well... I mentioned to Dino that I just did not feel all that well.

Dino, jumped in and we both agreed that we didn't want Calley missing any classes... so he volunteered to take her.  Which to me translated to nearly two and a half hours of quiet time at home...  What me alone at home!?!?  hahaha..  It just hit me!!  wink, wink!!

Not only that, but then I even took a nap!  I remember Dino and Calley getting back from the "Y" and then the next thing I knew it was six in the evening!  

Dinner time, then bed time.  Nice.  

Boy today sure went by fast.  ;)  Thank you Dino for pinch hitting for me.  wink, wink.

Coming together is a beginning...
Keeping together is progress...
Working together is success. 
 ~ Henry Ford 

(here's to you finding your...)

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Kenya G. Johnson said...

I'm glad you used your time wisely. And I'm being sincere not sarcastic ;-)

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

HOME alone for 2 1/2 hours HEAVEN!!!!!

Kristina said...

love it when the hubby helps out!! yay!

Joy said...

What a sweet hubby! Love little moments of solitude!

Warmest regards,

Addicted to Recipes said...

Talk about a double treat - hubby helping out AND time all to yourself! That is just awesome! Sorry about the allergies though...mine hit me this week too. Ick!