Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 360 ~ "Savor"

What I Learned About Me... from A to Z
What have I learned about myself this past year {blogging}..?  hmmmm... First off... I would like to make sure you know up front... I never had blogged before until I started this blog 349 days ago.  Secondly... I never intended on learning anything.  HAHA! LOL!  No but seriously... It wasn't my intention...   Check out what my intention(s) were/are here.
So here goes... What I Learned About Me... from A to Z

"S" is for...  Savor  As in... 
Taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.
All I would like to add to that definition is...

Taste (good food or drink), to be in the moment (life),  and enjoy it completely.  

To not only taste the delicious food in your mouth... but smell it...  savor it... enjoy it completely.  

Don't only live life... but smell the flowers...  look around to your family... take it all in...  savor life... enjoy life completely.

This last year we have lost three family matriarchs.  Three wonderful, grand women.  Without whom my husband and daughter would not be here.  

Looking back on all they have accomplished.  Looking around to all that they leave behind.  Savoring all whom surround me.  Taking them all in and enjoying my family completely.

I have learned through our family's loss that life is far too short.  

Now don't get me wrong... we were blessed that each one of Dean's grandmothers lived long, full, wonderful lives. Each one of them were blessed to have passed away with their families by their sides, after all having lived well over 95 years ...  now that's living!  {One of his grandmas had recently turned 99 years old too!}

With all that said... 

Each moment that I am with my family... I will savor them... each moment I am laughing with my daughter... I will savor them... each moment I love life with my husband... I will savor them... each moment that I am living... I will savor them... I will enjoy them completely!
The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.
~Bill Cosby
Tomorrow...  What I Learned About Me... from A to Z ... the letter(s) "T" 

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claire said...

What a wonderful thing to remember. Thanks for the reminder.

Kristina said...

I think that's a wonderful philosophy for life. Because savouring things not only allows you to soak it all in in that moment, but also lets you take the time to tuck the memories away for later... for when you want to savour them again:)
Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Wow Carla, you couldn't have picked a better word! To really savor your life, your love, your relationships, your children, and yes, food (when you start to really savor food you realize the rubbish that is out there is really not nourishing and you stop wanting it!) you just suck all life has to give you out of it! You are very blessed to have gotten to this place and we are all blessed to be able to share that journey with you.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

what a wonderful lesson!
Somethimes we DO let lifes moments pass by so fast!!

Jenn said...

Savoring life is important! With the business today it's hard to keep that in the forefront of our minds, but it's something we need to do. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

Joy said...

We all can learn to savour the moments a little more! How fast they go by!

Warmest regards,