Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 364 ~ "Xanadu" "Young" or "Young" "Xanadu"?

What I Learned About Me... from A to Z
What have I learned about myself this past year {blogging}..?  hmmmm... First off... I would like to make sure you know up front... I never had blogged before until I started this blog 349 days ago.  Secondly... I never intended on learning anything.  HAHA! LOL!  No but seriously... It wasn't my intention...   Check out what my intention(s) were/are here.
So here goes... What I Learned About Me... from A to Z

"X" is for...  Xanadu.  My fun with "x"... after all what did you expect with the letter "X"?   What's your "x" word?

Xanadu  noun  a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.

I learned that we make our own "hell".   Now... hold on a second...  What I mean is that what I learned for myself was and is that I have a choice.

I have to make my own Xanadu... if that is what my desire is.  No one else can do it for me.  If Xanadu is what I want... then that is what I should work towards.  

I can't blame anyone but myself if my dreams, my Xanadu doesn't come true.

"Y" is for...  Young!   ... Why Not?!.. 

Here I am living my fiftieth year eventually reaching the inevitable...  the B I G   5 - 0  !  !

Well.. through my little journey here (I'm getting all whiny here on you!  lol) I have discovered that ... 

I can sit here... and piss and moan (sorry about the reference there... but I needed to get my point across there)...  ehemmmm... . as I was saying...

I can sit here, piss and moan or I can do something about it.

Bottom line...

I can sit here and complain about turning 50 in ten months or I can make a great "youthful" life for myself.  We only live once!  Right? 

I choose to be young and make a great life for myself and my family.  

Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature.~Albert Einstein

Tomorrow... What I Learned About Me...

from A to Z ... the letter "Z"

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Angela said...

I agree that you do have to make your own 'Xanadu' and no one can do that but you. You can share it someone, but ultimately it is up to you. I knew that word and I remember an Olivia Newton John song with that title, but I never thought about what it meant. So thank you... I learned something new. You a little freaky about turning '50' in 10 months. I keep telling myself, 'omg you will be 50 in 7 years!' I can't believe it! Turning 50 is a good thing! You are still here and the world is yours so go conquer it! I will be back to visit your blog again!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said! Cant believe tomorrow is Z, love all your posts, such a motivating piece!

Heather Lynne said...

I've never heard of the word Xanadu-learn something new everyday! Only one more day until you hit 1 year! I've really enjoyed reading the ABC's you've been posting recently.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

yOU ARE AS young (OR OLD) as you feel---I know I'm nearing the 40 and I used to think life would end then but--I've learned ITS ONLY BEGINING!!!

Barbara Cobham said...

What a great choice. My mother is 76 years young and, if it wasn't for her hearing, which is the result of untreated childhood ear infections, she would seem much younger than she does! She certainly has more energy than I do!

Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

Yup, we only live once so it's best that we make the most out of it! Hope you're having a great weekend!