Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 31 ~ The Blackberry Bandit... Will She Get Away With It?

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The other day, Dean and I were kicking back, chill-axing as I like to say (chilling and relaxing,) talking, and somehow we ended up on the subject of my stolen Blackberry.  I was giving him an update on my Blackberry Blunder...... I had spoken to the detective assigned to my theft report, and he was going to look into it more and get back to me.  I can not give up on this 23 year old and give her the go ahead to mess up her life even more.  She needs to learn that you do not steal.  Then all of a sudden... Dean puts the brakes on!!!


Well, Dino was a little apprehensive to tell me because he knows how wrong this is and how we need to follow through.  So, he  proceeds to tell me that he has mixed feelings about my going forward with filing charges against Merit Velasco for the theft of my Blackberry (- RIGHT OUT OF MY PURSE!!)
You see we have Calley to think about.  It appears that Merit does not have good influence from her family and friends, let alone have "good" friends and we do not know her one bit... After all, she does have both her father and brother in jail... What if she seeks revenge upon us and sicks her family and friends on us... This situation is horrible, I hate the thought of backing off.  I do not want us to be looking over our shoulders and especially with Calley... This upsets me because this is precisely the reason why people back out of filing charges against thieves and violators... because they feel threatened in some way or in fear for their family and children... and if it wasn't for Calley...
Oh my G!! I could not believe what I was hearing... I could literally feel my temperature rising... and then I put the brakes on me!!! 

It wasn't that I did not agree with Dean... I did!!  BUT, what was infuriating me, was the fact that this girl was going to get away with stealing from us.  It is no wonder why our society is falling apart!!  This totally SUCKS!!  There I said It!!

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Let me ask you...  What would you do?  Do I back off?  Do I let evil once again win?!

One thing is for sure... I am going to communicate this to the detective and see what he says... and go from there.  I doubt very seriously that we will be put in a "safe house" or in "protective custody", let alone have a "squad car" parked in front of our house... right!  for a Blackberry?  Seriously now, I doubt it very much.  LMBO! (laughing my butt off for the "internet slang challenged")  
but if it happens after sunrise, the defender is guilty of bloodshed. “Anyone who steals must certainly make restitution, but if they have nothing, they must be sold to pay for their theft. Exodus 22:3

Blessings to all!

334 days to go.

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