Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 40 ~ ♪♫•Feeling Good! ♪♫• Just the Way That I Should!! ♪♫• So Good!♪♫•

Even though I have been at a standstill on my "weight loss challenge" the past three days... I am not going to let that, or anything else discourage me from doing what I am absolutely LOVING!!

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I was a little disappointed when for the third day in a row, I had not lost any weight!  ...great thing about that was, that I did gain any either!!  

Luckily I kept pretty busy today with an unexpected appointment, which thankfully kept my mind off of the "stand still" I have found myself in.

My day ended on a great note after seeing my father-in-law!!... he asked me in such an excited tone as to how many pounds I had lost... "so what are the numbers?"  I hesitated and responded with a little frown on my face... "I haven't lost any in the past three days, haven't gain anything either though.

My father-in-law was like an "instant cheerleader!"  He told me not to worry about it and to continue with my work outs, not to get discourage, etc... and that I CAN DO IT!! 

Goes back to what I was telling you about how blessed I am in regards to my family!!  My father-in-law is so awesome!!  This man sets such a wonderful example of a Christian man, father and husband for all his children, myself and Calley included of course!  

He advises me, does not judge me, and when I have stuck my foot in my mouth, has looked the other way sort-of-speak!  I call him "Dad"... because that is what he is to me!!  And he respects me as well, even when it comes to Calley.     

Today was a great day!  I felt great about myself all day long!  

Faith isn't something I must have before I move in the direction of my dreams.  Instead, it's something that develops after I start moving.           author unknown

Blessings to all!

325 days to go.

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