Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 38 ~ Calley, My Gift From God

This morning while I was working out Calley was busy.  I could see that she was drawing, but I continued to focus to my workout.  Next thing I know my little girl came up to me to show me what she had drawn, and I asked her to wait three minutes so I could finish doing my "set".  Waiting for her is like an eternity too!! Finally when I finished and saw what she had drawn, I couldn't help feeling bad for making her wait.  
"Mommy Exercising" by Calley

"Here mommy this is for you so you can put it on your blog," she said ever so sweetly in her little Minnie Mouse voice (yes, she has a little Minnie Mouse voice!)  

She drew me exercising!

I love this little girl!! so much.  She does have her moments like any other four and a half year old, however on top of that, she is the absolute most curious little girl ever!!!  She asks more questions, than both her brothers together did!  Always touching what she's not suppose to, constantly getting into my things, but I am not complaining!

Just to clarify Calley was planned... yes call me crazy!!  I do.  I waited for her for such a long time.  After having been taken away the position, role, honor, of being a mother to both my boys, I prayed for the right man to come into my life (Dean) and that he would want a child.  It took sometime for both, but finally my blessings came one at a time!!

There is a fifteen year age difference between Calley and my youngest son, and Lord knows I FEEL it once in a while... However it doesn't matter how you slice it, Calley is my greatest gift (in more ways than one).  She brought me back to life again and motivates me to be the best example for her.

She's quite unique.  Calley came into my life at a point that I appreciated her more than anything in the world!  It took a little convincing, but finally on Valentine's Day, before our third anniversary, we found out we were pregnant~!

By one and a half she knew her alphabet, and in ASL (American Sign Language) as well- I taught her how to sign with Signing Time on PBS channel.  She learned well over 300 hundred signs by the time she was two.  She knew her colors and shapes, and started pre-k short of her fourth birthday (always being a year younger than all her classmates, yet at the top of the class in reading).

Today, instead of playing after breakfast while I work out... she gets on her own "work out" clothes- basically shorts and a t-shirt like mom, gets her wii controller, a water bottle and gets in front of me and mimics all my moves!!

This is so awesome... I have always cooked really healthy for her.  I nursed her until one, made her fresh baby food, all her juices are cut with water 50/50, no sugar! (her Halloween candy lasts all year- she gets a piece once in a while- no doubt Dean and I eat more of it that she does!)  To this day... NO SODA! and drinks Almond, Coconut Milk, sometimes soy milk.  

Such a girly-girl!!
And now, she joins me working out.  Runs with me with the running exercises, and gets on the floor and does sit ups too!  She's such a great caregiver.  Always asks me if I'm doing okay, I don't know what would give her the impression that I wasn't okay... maybe it's all the water I am sweating or even how I just down the bottle of water in no time.  Today I thought Oprah had taken over the both of us... by the way we were yelling.. "let's go girls.. keep up.. right, left, right.." while doing advance step on my wii Fit Plus workout, all in that Oprah way of cheering with that voice of hers! and Calley?  Well she was yelling the same way... HYSTERICAL!!

When it comes to my blogging, this little girl is the most supportive person ever!! Usually she does not see me blog, because I do it after she goes to bed. However, she does discuss it with me.  She asks what I am writing about, and of course I tell her of all the positive things I am writing about... and somehow knows that it is not only important to me, but that it is helping me.  Well, I have been walking with a spring in my step lately.
Daughter are angles sent from above to fill our heart with unending love.
-- J. Lee

Blessings to all!

327 days to go.

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