Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 41 ~ Friends... Part Deux

So Dean brought up a couple of really good points about my Day 39 post, as did one of my wonderful friends...

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My friend Elisabeth, who has been beyond an "angel" in my life, and which I sincerely hope that our flight together as friends takes us until we are old and gray!.. definite Dream Team player... brought to my attention that my post on friends may have come across as my having "expectations" ... 

Let me expand on this...  It's not that I expect these qualities from my friends... the fact is that my friends already possess these qualities, and I want to be that type of friend as well...    
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Earlier in the day... my wonderful husband commented... "well, I can have a good friend... we have fun times... years go by... that's great... one day he turns out to be a molester or a murderer, I am not going to stand by them..."

Well Dean, that's a given!  Really?  I will not cross that line either.  
I choose to have my life filled with positive people.
I have close friends who nurture me and make me laugh. 
I have an abundance of loving, supportive friends.

Blessings to all!

324 days to go.

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