Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 32 ~ I'm Here... Where Ever You Are...

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I'm sure you've noticed some changes on here... well I've been doing some researching so that my blog may get more exposure.  Why do I want exposure?  Well, if I do not put my blog out there, how will I ever be able to reach out to that person out there which may be experiencing some of the same things that I am writing about?

I  know that I said that I want my blog to be a sort of a legacy to my children, and that it is.  But I also would like to help someone... someone that may feel alone, against the world and fighting her own demons.  I underwent my divorce and the "custody battle" (which is a long story and I haven't decided on the approach~ but will tell at another time), which lasted a total of five years... yes five years! (another day, another time) all alone!  

My entire family was more than eleven hundred miles away in Los Angeles... sure would have been nice to have had them down the street.  Don't get me wrong I would talk to them on the phone and they came to court I think it was for two days~ but it's not the same.  I felt very alone!

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Well, if you are out there, feeling as if you are alone against the world... I know the feeling.  But more importantly... I'm here for you!!  Don't waste your valuable time, as I did, in fetal position.  I took me sometime, but I eventually learned that I was allowing all the bad things that happened to me win by doing that!!


I'm the winner here!  It took me a while, but I have come to the realization that all I was doing is hurting myself and wasting my life!  Not to mention putting a big wedge between me and my boys... after all it is their father that screwed me up!  But that my dears is giving him too much credit!  

I needed to do something!! and finally between being married to a great guy, and having a beautiful daughter... I have found blogging!!! 

Where ever you are out there, I hope you are reading this.  We can get past this!  I promise we can!!
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:2

Blessings to all!

333 days to go.

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