Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 26 ~ Taking a Stroll Down "4th of July" Lane

4th of July in El Paso, TX ~ 2011 
I wanted my post today to [obviously] be about the 4th of July and as I started to put my thoughts together... I was bombarded by all the great memories this day has brought me.  

As a child my father always did something fun for the three of us, my sister, brother and I.  Once, and for as much as he found baseball boring (he was an avid hockey fan!), he took us all to a Los Angeles Dodger game.  We had a great time, although I soon realized that I much rather play baseball than watch it myself.  Right afterwards the Dodgers' organization put on the most spectacular fireworks display, which at the time seemed to have lasted forever.

Then of course as any red blooded american, as I grew into a young adult, my festivities for the day changed.  There were bar-be-ques, parties and dances, but what remained consistent each year was that the day would always end with fireworks! 

One of my most memorable 4th of July was being pregnant with my first baby.  We were living in the San Fernando Valley, which is known for being anywhere from twenty to thirty degrees warmer than the Southern California beaches I had been used to.  That 4th was hot beyond HOT and it seemed as if the evening was even warmer.  There I was, four days before giving birth (planned c-section,) roasting like a humongous chicken in the oven, watching the fireworks on tv.  July 4th 1987 was the unveiling of the refurbished Statue of Liberty, accompanied by a spectacular fireworks show.  I had a fan blowing on me on what claimed to be a high setting with a spritzer bottle of water in one hand and a popsicle in the other.  The water spritzer was what made the excruciating heat tolerable and the night rememberable!

First there was my first baby boy~ my blonde one... how I remember how  he would always crawl into my lap... ooo-ing and awe-ing as each fire work popped off.  I can still see the amazement in his face.  I was able to now pass on the joyous festivities onto him, which he welcome with complete wonder and surprise .  I was now experiencing the 4th through his eyes... one word... WOW!

Three and half years later I was blessed with my little burrito (he had dark hair like myself wink, wink) ~ my second beautiful boy!  My life changed a bit (to say the least,) just as each other mom soon finds out when she is blessed with a second child.  (Once he was born, [I am sure many of you have experienced the same] my first baby seemed to grow up over night!) He was my blessed surprise!  He did more for me and my life than he realized then, and now.  The coolest thing about life now was that not only was I sharing a special holiday with both my boys, but now I would witness my eldest boy point things out to his little brother, even teaching him at times what I had taught him.

Shelby loves the 4th

As time went by, there were many years of memories shared by all.  However, it did become a little tougher after my divorce, being that now I was able to spend the holiday with my boys every other year as most divorced parents did.  But that did not stop us from having fun... we just doubled up on the fun on our years together! 

My boys grew and they were now having fun with their friends.  As for me, the holiday became a little more relaxed.  Instead of heading out on the town or over to friend's parties, the holidays seemed more fun and much safer at home.  

Calley - July 4th, 2011
Today, I  have the absolute privilege to share the 4th of July with my daughter.  But somehow this  time around seems a little different.  I do not care what anyone says... Girls are different!!   For years I had two boys in tow and was able to retain my sanity.  However, Calley is the equivalent of having, what seems like ten kids!  The positive side of it all is that she keeps me going and gives me the strength to do so.  Somehow my daughter has given me a gift that I didn't think possible to receive...  she has given me the gift of living!  Thanks to her, I have been re-born, not in the religious sense, but in the "living' sense.  Thank you my sweet little "firework"... I  can not imagine my life without you!

Lift up your eyes and look around; all your children gather and come to you. As surely as I live,” declares the LORD, “you will wear them all as ornaments; you will put them on, like a bride.   Isaiah 49:18
Blessing to all!

339 days to go.

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