Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 66 ~ Who Me? Sarcastic? ... Noooo... ;)

You know... I was just thinking... I just finished reading yesterday's post, and I laughed!!  Oh no... don't get me wrong... I sure came off like a bi#@#... Well, that certainly wasn't my intention. Oh no... no weird evil comments or anything like that has made me expand on last night's post or anything...

I just wish there was a sarcasm button sometimes.  It's not like you, the reader, can hear the conversations I have with my laptop while I am writing [this]... and quite honestly I do not want to come across arrogant either [because I certainly am the furthest thing from that]...  So, that's where I am coming from.

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Please, do not misunderstand me either... I stand by everything I write and am not taking anything back of what I wrote yesterday...  I just want you to know that I am sarcastic by nature, and if I was reading this to you out loud you would hear the sarcastic manner or joking tone I tend to have.  Maybe I'll have to insert some goofy pictures or icons when I am joking.  (LOL!)  

Oh, and by the way, I'm not joking about joking around, having a good laugh or about being sarcastic... however, I am never mean!

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Besides, if your laughing, negativity just went out the window!! ... I think it makes sense.  I also once read somewhere that you should laugh at least once every hour... huge stress reducer! and great for the soul.  

One that note...  I am going to end my post tonight on a happy note tonight...

Three small rules for living a happy life
  1. Start each day with a grateful heart.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects of every person you encounter.
  3. End each day with a grateful heart. 

~  Lucy MacDonald
I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.                          ~  Woody Allen
If every word I said could make you laugh, I´d talk forever.   ~  The Beach Boys

Blessings to all!!

299 days to go.

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