Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 62 ~ My Fight Begins!! ... Part One

Today was one of "those" days!...  Actually, to be quite honest, it is a continuation of yesterday.  

This is what I hate most about thinking and acting upon missing my boys...  It sends me for a spin every time, and my whole world turns gray.

I am still trying to be ... NO... I AM! being positive... it's just that I tripped and am having a hard time getting up.

I know that I have been vague about what actually went down with my divorce and why my boys aren't with me... I just hate re-hashing it.  However, if my goal is to help some one other than myself... then, I have to put it out there.

When their father and I decided to split, first of all, the boys were only going to be with him temporarily until I got a bigger place... so that was STUPID DECISION NO. 1!

As time went on it was ok... Then "HE" decided to file for divorce.  It took me for a shock, but I went with it.  "HE" told me that he would pay for the attorney and "take care" of everything.



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When I read the final papers... he had custody of my boys and there wasn't any visitation or holidays listed.  I WAS SPEECHLESS!!  and THE GLOVES CAME OFF!

Later, it was VERY apparent that he later took his gloves off too!~ and not only does "he" not play nice, but "he" doesn't play by the book either!

This not only completely hurt me, but he infuriated me as well!..  I sought the advise of an attorney and ended retaining him as well.

This did not sit well with the "EX"!  Not at all!  I was basically spitting in his face for his so called "trust me".

Side note:  when someone says "TRUST ME"...this is a RED FLAG!!  DON"T!!

I thought everything went well... without a humongous court battle, I was given rights, holidays and appropriate time with my boys.  I know I had made "HIM" mad... but I could not let it sit that way.

I thought my life was going on "its" way after the six months we had spent adjusting our "family plan"

Then one day at work... I was bar-tending at the time (helped me pay for the attorney and left my days free to go to court etc.)  Prior to this job, I had been let go from my travel agent position due to "too many personal problems."  "HE" had been calling me and harassing me at work and my boss could not take it anymore.
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As I said, I had been at work... and as soon as my shift ended and I was about to balance out my till etc... and then this "IDIOT" I had been serving and been talking to for at least two hours, asked me my name, and then said those magical words... "YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED!!"  

I had been served with a restraining order to stay away from my boys... I immediately called "HIM" to ask he what was up... and according to "him"... "HE" had no clue!  

And with that, it started my three year night mare and my fight for my children.

I showed up to my court hearing regarding the restraining order, only to find out that I was being accused of "inappropriately touching" my then three year old!!

The walk back to my car, well "HE" offered me a ride to my car... and the entire time "HE" played stupid... not knowing what it was all about.

The stupid one was me... for ever thinking that "HE" could be trusted... that "HE" would take care of me...  that "HE" was looking out for all of our best interests!

Six words...


to be continued...

Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson

Blessings to all!!

303 days to go.

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I'm so sorry you had to go through that!