Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 59 ~ "Life" Does Not Take A Break.

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After what ended up being a fourteen hour drive, due to the infamous Los Angeles traffic, we finally found ourselves home safe at about 5:30 this morning.

Once we arrived, three things kept Dino and I from sleeping the day away once the car was unloaded (with James' help ~ Thank you James!!)... one was Calley.  (big smile)  

Unlike the two of us, she was able to sleep at least the last six hours of our drive and then another three after we got home... and once she woke up at ten, I had to get up!  (dragging butt and all!)  

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I let Dean sleep whilst we went to get a birthday gift for Calley's "best friend" Alina, who's party was early this evening.  The second reason we couldn't sleep the day away.

The last reason we couldn't sleep all day, was that when I returned the rental car I had to call Dino to have him pick Calley and me up... however the battery was dead on our loaner car from the mechanic.**  and Dino needed to charge the battery [again... thank you James!!].

Bottom line... once we got home, we could not sleep all day because life happened!

After dozing off several times during our drive home, yet not being able to sleep...  It's very difficult for me to sleep... I feel I need to be awake~  what if Dino fell asleep and I could have prevented it?!  (I know that Dino would definitely pull over if he was even slightly tired... however the fear is still there.) ... it is hard to believe that I am actually writing my post tonight.   I am very tired, and feel as if I am babbling!  lol!   I think I am making this post short tonight.  (big tired smile.)

I wish you all a wonderful night's rest!  May you all sleep with little angels.

One of the ingredients for success is having the ability to stretch - keeping your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds.   Author unknown.

Blessings to all!!

306 days to go.

** [ YES, I still do not have my car... next week my mechanic will have had my  car for over NINETEEN WEEKS!! -  basically... then some, and ALL SUMMER!! and then some more!! ]  I am definitely not having good thoughts right now.  lol!  I wonder what story I will get come Monday when I stop by. He knows we went on vacation, therefore we even gave him two weeks to GET 'ER DONE!!  I will now put positive thoughts out there... all things will be taken care of on my car, my car will be done and will be running great!

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