Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 81 ~ Nana... Thank You For Leading The Way

Today our family gained a new guardian angel.  Rest in peace Nana... you will truly be missed.

Frances ~  daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, widowed wife, mother of two, grandmother of four plus two, plus four, great-grandmother of nine.  First woman CPA for the State of Texas, first woman Vice-President of an El Paso bank.  A petite woman who directed men twice her size.  Full of spunk and wisdom, joy and faith... a woman who stood by her family just as much as she loved them.  A woman full of drive and vision... style and etiquette... and a woman who made sure to pass these traits on to her family.  Jesus was her Savior. 

My mother in law, Gene ~ mom, as I call her, shared the best story about her mom with me today...the best I ever heard...
While away at college, Frances would send her all the latest fashionista magazines.. cosmopolitan, vogue, etc.. each month.. and each month Frances would take the time to circle pictures of outfits she liked, and then the ones she didn't.. she would write little notes on the pictures of those girls who were dressed too provocatively and state something to the effect of it let men know that they had one thing in mind, and it wasn't school!
~   ~   ~

After an emotionally exhausting day... I sit here and take a deep breath... once again I have come face to face with reality and have learned another one of life's lesson...  Seriously, we are here on borrowed time... and what we do with the time is entirely up to us... in the end, our lives are reduced to a mere pile of photographs, which then become the memories to others.  Why not make it count? 

My Mom found following verse handwritten by Frances on a piece of her note paper...

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.     ~  II Timothy 4:7

Blessings to all!!

284 days to go

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