Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 157 ~ Giving Life Thought

It's been about four days now that I have been putting in extra time on the design elements on this blog and then if I have any extra time (ha, ha) I've been putting some thought into my next blog.  

When I was writing My wii Fit Plus 21 Day Challenge ! I found it a bit challenging writing my ...Challenge blog in the morning and ...Life blog at night.  Not that I could not handle writing both blogs... I did it for the three weeks.  It was that it didn't leave much time for the rest of my life.  There was housework, meal planning and cooking, as well as my first priority - my family, to take care of.

Let me make something perfectly clear... I had a blast doing it and none of my responsibilities were neglected.  Although... as I look back on it I should have given it a little more planning especially since I was on a family vacation the last week of my ...Challenge.  

You know how they say that hine sight is always 20-20 ... what would I do differently? hmmm...
I know that my next blog needs to be written frequently each week for it to be effective, however I need to put my family first and do this comfortably... and realistically...  keeping it fun!

Tonight's quote is a special one.  Today, Dean's great aunt, Auntie Mary (who is Dean's grandfather's sister) told me that when she found out she had been denied membership to a sorority back when she was attending Texas College of Mines (UTEP) she had gone to her father for consoling...

Great Grandfather Feris Karam said in Arabic to his daughter, "Don't surround yourself with people who will take the laughter out of your soul and clip your wings where you can't fly alone." 

 I am thankful for all of our family ancestors for whom without we would not be here, or let alone know what we do. 

Blessings to all!!

208 days to go...

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